Stag do near Pitlochry: ideas for places to stay???

Ok Arssers

I have just about sorted the activities for the stag-do I am organising, but I need somewhere to accomodate 10-15 blokes near Blairgowrie or Pitlochry. Ideas between me and my co-conspiritor are bunkhouses to country house.

Any decent suggestions out there for any specific places???


Bridge of Cally Hotel.


Stopped there after doing Lands End to John o'Groats a couple of years ago. Excellent place.
If you're going on a stag night and are actually worried about where you'll be getting your head down, then might I suggest the following link:

Linky thing
Cheers Cernunnos,
Thanks for the link :) I take it that you are recommending the link based on personal experience!!!!

Whilst getting my head down is not part of my own plan, there are a few civy types going and probably a couple of olde dad types, hence the gentlemans type stag-do for starters. I can assure you the groom to be will be broken on the second planned stag do, but thanks for your consideration.

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