Stag do ideas

As part of my best man juties I am just about to embark on planning my first stag do.
Anyone got any ideas on, Location( dont wanna do the old favourite Blackpool) Stich ups, games or themes for fancy dress etc they would be greatly recieved



We had a leaving do once where everyone dressed up as school girls! It was a really good laugh and the lads got so much more attention than the girls for some strange reason... Can't say I'm into guys in skirts, myself.. 8O :D A good crack though.
Mine was in the Lakes; booked archery, human skittles (you climb into a big steel cage and you're rolled down a hill towards some big skittles), had a curry, lots of beer, dodgy club, next day scramble up Great End, more beer.
Lots of outdoor activities places are about - give them a call and see what they do. A mate of mine did white water rafting at Llangollen. Or you could just go to Blackpool.
Hire a bull from a local farmer and then let it run through the halls at the hotel you've booked for the party and you can all have your own ' Pamplona ' event..[ works best after more than one 'mate' gets to squiffy to stand up, let alone move fast ]..

Kiddie pool, fill it with jello, hire two ' willing ladies ' for a tussle.. take turns, ' refereeing '

hand out condums and have a contest to see who can make the most ponographic ' balloon animals ' ...

install micro webcam in a toilet and watch ' poocam' shots while commenting on the shapes and sizes of the participants..[ works best in a ladies room at the said hotel -make sure its near a high traffic area ]

or you can just get the groom-to-be drunk , put him in a dress and stand him on a street corner then video tape the johns trying to hit on him for the reception afterwards...
what was that urban myth? The one about the stag do that tied the grom up naked under a flyover and he ended up being bummed by tramps and covered in tramp sp*nk?
A great idea I oce heard and was planning to do with the blokes in the mess. It is also very topical at present.

The basic idea is to play fox hunting.

Go to a good city that you know well. Come up with a list of pubs (about 6- 12 depending on how heavily you want to drink). Put the pubs into a kind of route card therefore achieving a pub crawl.

Dress one or two blokes up as foxes. You can buy the fancy dress on-line or hire it. The rest dress as fox hunters; red jackets, jodpurs and hunting horn. Give the foxes 10 mins head start and then chase then.

The rules are simple.

1. Each punter has to drink a pint in each pub. Just ask the barman if two foxes have drunk a pint in there pub and they should know. Doesn't happen every day.
2. The two groups must stay intact. ie. Quick drinkers from the hunters must wait for the slower ones and if someone needs carrying then firemans lift.
3. If the hunters catch the foxes then the foxes pay a forfeit. Such as buying all the hunter 2 drinks and both drinking a couple of crazy shots. You then let then go with a 10 mins head start again.
4. Ensure the last place on the list is where you will end up as walking will be a problem.

Not too complicated and would be awsome. Would need a bid of admin to sort out the fancy dress but worth if.

Thing of the poor drinkers who stand open mouthed while two foxes down a pint each and run out to be followed minutes later by fools blowing hunting horns shouting "Anyone seen a fox!"

Be warned, you might get some aggro of the animal lib types but that would just be funny.
I know where you can book a poledancing chimp, it is truly a sight to behold! 8O
Love the foxhunting idea Thanks Still laughing thinking about the look on peoples faces especially if we travelin said fancydress. Imagine airport security
wish I had a chance to do the fox hunting. Still, potential for an ARRSE day/night out with thatr baby?
:oops: .

You are a truly gifted man!

Ken Livingston wants you in his PR team.
Hey Fish-Head, I'm not saying I advocate anti-semitism but the idea has a certain bad taste charm. Stag dos are meant to be shocking and different.
Not too helpful unless you know a friendly helicopter pilot, but when my sister's ex was at RAF Benson, they got the groom-to-be completely rat-arrsed and instead of putting him on the overnight sleeper to edinburgh they stuck him on a Puma that was flying out to Bruggen, where he woke up next morning feeling like shit and totally confused! However he made the fatal mistake of having the stag-do the night before his wedding and only just managed to get another flight back in time!

So if you want to get your mate in the shit, have the party the night before!
IdleAdjt said:
Be warned, you might get some aggro of the animal lib types but that would just be funny.
Shouldn't that read "be warned, you might not get some aggro off the animal lib types" ?.

My editing has gone to sh1te, enormous wibble, huuuuge lobster, banana !!!!.
We had a weekend in the Peak District (Bunkhouse on a farm) for a young lad I know. Friday night was spent on a dry (wet) run, and at the end the hostess asked if we were intending to be there on the Saturday as well - gave us the function suite and promised a lock-in.

Short walk over Kinder Scout on Saturday then in for a warmer. Groom-to-be stripped and manacled plus ball and chain on ankles (handy having a metal worker in the group) followed by extremely piss-arrsed evening in main bar with local finding things like curtain ties with bugle cords to use for flagellation using said bridegroom.

Yes and we won the pool against the locals.

But no-one sh*gged the landlady so not a complete success.

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