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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Green_Homer, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Right GH has only gone and done it and has decided to sign his life and free will away!

    Currently looking at stag do ideas with the best man and we have Prague in our sights so far... Basic package to include some sort of meal and stripper which we've found packages (not inc flights / accom) for about £40 on sites such as

    Now we got thinking that obviously these prices include a mark up but how much realistically could we get the above for if we simply turned up and had a go?? Tried google but not the easiest thing to actually find for some reason!!


    Ps. Any other cheap location ideas welcome (already considering Budapest as possible)
  2. Prague is old hat, go to the Baltic states Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania. Full of brain rotting booze and dirrrty burds. Not expensive either. Don't get arrested.
  3. Did take a look at Talinn option and looked about the same in terms of site package costs. Flights look more expensive though.........

    Do you know anything about average booze / stripper / food costs??
  4. Take plenty of viagra. Practice yer skills in london before hand and don't get a dose. You will probably not get a chance to do this for a few years so check these out.
    Thai Ladies
    Make sure you bring back lots of pics.
  5. How about Colditz? err... sorry, I read it as Stalag do. Hat, Coat....
  6. Speak to Max Mosely about that sort of party.
    Or Prince Harry
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Well, my brother had his at the "Hotel X-dream" in Riga, and it was a bit cliched and naff to be honest. The weekend was good (aside from having to put up with England drawing 0-0 with Algeria in the boozer), as we got ratted good style, they fired 9mm's, AK's and shotguns for the first time and we did some go-karting, but as for the women at the hotel/strip bar? Er, no. You see nicer looking Eastern European birds cleaning bogs in London to be honest. The beer was watered down, about £3 a pint (in a poor country), the lapdances were about the same price as they are in Spearmint Rhino, and it was all very 'lets rip them off' IMHO.
  8. Flights to baltic states seem to be more expensive and fewer to pick from :(
  9. Klipeda in Lithuania. The outskirts look like chernobyl but nice historical city. Women are amazing and food/booze was cheapish 3 years ago when I went with STABS!
  10. Fly into Helsinki and then get the 1 hour ferry - much cheaper.
  11. Tis an option... will look into it!
  12. A guy I know let a "friend" organize his stag.He told them all they were going on a cultural/artistic weekend.They all thought he was winding them up.He wasn't.
    They spent a morning doing water colours in a Norfolk field,hoping a tank would crash through the hedge and they would blast it with paintballs,nope nothing like that.The planned "brass rubbing" got kicked into the long grass,as did the art appreciation lecture and pottery making.
    Needlesss to say they don't talk anymore.
  13. I went to Gdansk a couple of years ago, had a quality weekend. Flew Easyjet direct from Bristol which was cheap as chips as was the hostel we stayed in and the beer. Stunning birds and decent clubs too. Overall a good weekend
  14. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Is this not stuff your best man should be worrying about?

    Mine took me to the Army vs Navy for my stag do, it was fucking epic and it meant all my skinflint mates who couldn't cough up for a flight abroad also came along.

    I ended up jumping naked into the Thames from a bridge in Richmond and there was a little bit of scrufflemuggins with plod, but otherwise it all went very well.
  15. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    He's fine, I'm teaching him to swear.