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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by craigd, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. I'm soon off on the JNCO cadre and am making myself a gucci stag bag for my section, which already looks pretty ally if I say so myself.

    Aside from the pictures of Jessica Alba's snatch waterproofed and taking centre stage, what would you wise old 'uns advise to put in it? (Bearing in mind that I'm quite obviously doing it to show off and look good... yeah I know... w4nker!)

  2. Aids in a can.
  3. WTF is a stag bag?
  4. Its a bag. For Stag.

    (dunno, lve never heard of one!!)
  5. One of my section commanders used one when we were on exercise.

    It was a bag, a claymore bag or some thing similar. It contained a laminated format for a stag list so you just had to insert names, a watch, map with lumicolors, a range card etc.

    There might have been there might be other stuff but i can't remember.

    That was the only time i've ever seen one.
  6. Waterproofed folder or bag used on stag by section comprising of stag list, range cards, compass etc. Can also be used on OP's to some degree.
  7. I was told not to have something like that, due to the dangers of 1/ loosing it 2/ having it nicked. Many years ago, but id guess still applicable.
  8. My aforementioned section commander said there were good because it kept al your stuff together so you wouldn't loose it.
  9. It can also be used on ops to some degree???

    Are you insinuating that career courses in the British Army do not conform to what is happening in reality out in theatre? :lol:
  10. Hahaha... nah mate, quick observation posts.

    And to back-up what Crow Bag said, they are decent bits of kit if used correctly... my old section commander swore by em.
  11. Your old section commander is a nonce. All you need for stag is:

    Big guns if you can get them (HMG or SF)
    Lots of ammo
    Radio and batts
    Decent binos
    Panoramic range card
    Hand held illum
    Some decent protection from incoming

    Though in the dreamworld of career courses where everyone carries 200lb of kit everywhere you may need a lot more.
  12. True, probably why i only ever saw one used at the ITC.
  13. Your section commander didnt know me/ loosing it /our lot having it nicked :D
  14. FFS.....dont put a watch in there. You may have a Kingo on your course in which case you will never see the Rolex again
  15. FFS.....dont put a watch in there. You may have a Kingo on your course in which case you will never see the Rolex again