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Discussion in 'Australia' started by E-Layer, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. My unit still has an attached CQMS who is a SSGT, Sydney-Based.

    I always do a double-take and have to scratch my head and remember how to address him.
  2. I may be wrong and stand by for correction, but I believe the ginger beers still advance through the ranks taking up a SSGT position prior to becoming a SSM.

    Interested to hear the rule for nowadays.
    And no I'm not in Engrs either.
  3. I've met a couple in the last year or so, both of whom are hanging onto it for its rarity value .....

    Good on 'em!
  4. Quick one fellas. Does anyone know why they got rid of that particular rank? Does it make sence to you guys who I believe have served both in the Brit and Oz mobs?
  5. I've heard they got rid of it as the other two services here didn't have an equivalent rank and for ease of pay levels across the ADF or something like that.

    and no - Sappers don't still have it - it is Sgt (or SGT :roll: ) to WO2. The RAE wanted to keep it when they were doing the review as we wanted the SSgt and Sgt positions in the Troops. But the rest of (the) Army wanted to get rid of it.

    All ready for the big day tomorrow?!
  6. I like the Brit system of CSGT then WO2. We should have kept it that way but our SSGT was in the Q stream and not Regimental and would never be WO2 of a Company. So the thinking was that since it is a Q stream Ordnance ish job that they would get rid of the rank and make all the Inf Q people corps transfer to Ordnance.
    Absolute disgrace and should never have happened. For some reason someone thought that the poges (Crap hats to you Brits) would have an understanding of how to operate in a Q Store in an Infantry world. :x
    And yes, all ready for tomorrow. Should be a fecking good'n. :D
  7. Nope, common mistake. A poge (posted on garrison) is a REMF (Rear echelon motherfecker) or a PONTI (Person of no tactical importance), to the bootnecks. A crap hat is just someone who is not special. :wink: