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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Mighty_Blighty, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Well that'll be another year as a Sgt then :roll:

    Many congratulations to those that came off, and comiserations to those that didn't.

    There's always next year Sgt MB - yeah, whatever Sir !
  2. So You have heard already then,
    Have you seen a list???
  3. Yes mate, was made public at 0900 this morning. PM me if you want names !
  4. just sent you PM
  5. An interesting and surprisingly short list! Where have all the jobs gone?

    And loads of reggie numbers starting 250.... sprogs, the lot of them!

  6. Sent a pm, as well if you don't mind.
  7. where is this list no phone call ...............theres a surprise!!!! not
  8. Gents, i'm getting lots of requests for the board, which is no problem. But I am a bit of a PC mong. Can someone send me instructions how to attach a document to a PM.

    Cheers MB
  9. bit of a biff myself but possibly add the link or attachment with the buttons above the text box that appears when reply to a post
  10. The results are now out on ARMYNET for all to see
  11. Thank god, I can stop smashing my head off my desk trying to figure out how to get them onto a PM :D


    Once again, congrats to those selected, and welcome to the club those that weren't 8O
  12. Anyone wants to come down town and drown their sorrows with me, its bad when three of the 14 picked up were in your section making you brews 17/18 years ago. Better get the kettle on for them now.
  13. All happy in this house hold !!!!

    Oldman came off the board :D

    Sorry to those who didn't :(
  14. Congratulations, what do you take in your coffee
  15. IRON. Told you I was right!. Trying very hard to drink that crate but failing badly!