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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by heidtheba, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. All the best to those who have a shout today/tomorrow.
  2. shit one for c/s ops! heard 5 came off so congrats
  3. Yeah, 5 Operators and no reserves!!
  4. Could someone pm me the results please?
  5. They're on Army Net and the DII Intranet.
  6. Not on Armynet yet. Anyone got them PM me pse
  7. whats the link for dii?
  8. Not on armynet any chance someone could pm me thanks
  9. Same please, if someone could PM,much appreciated.
  10. Not at work and still not on Armynet yet.
  11. Have you been able to get the results of the board, I'm also on leave and would like to know but they aren't on army net yet, if you have been able to get them can you PM me them please?
  12. Well thats me 4 cans down the range, after getting the rear end reaming by fcuking Blandford and Glasgow again. I'm going to do fcuk all for the rest of the year just like the techs. Ah well, raise a drink for all of us that got feck all, and the witless cnuts we work for. (Not HM The Queen obviously). Belch!! Cheers!!
  13. Not in with a shout ......... but could someone PM me the list as Army Net is throwing a wobbly and i can't access it. Thanks in advance
  14. Pretty poor show for these results not to be uploaded to ArmyNET immediately. Not a Corps problem but a wider APC (MS) one and it shows how much they actually care about soldiers. "Promotion board results out? We'll publish it next week when we're ready. In the meantime, please feel free to remove the PM marking and email the documents to the world regardless". Gits.
  15. Can anybody pm me with the results please?