Staffordshire Regiment - Opinions


What are peoples views on the staffords?

As i live close to birmingham i think they are one of my closest infantry regiments?
I don't think they'll be in existence for much longer. Will be merged with Cheshires and WFRS to form a "Mercian" Battalion. Cue double headed shitehawks all round if the old TA badge is revived.

Otherwise, a good County regiment with a proud tradition. That's why Bliar had to destroy them.

Bliar - "Loves War, hates Soldiers"


The one's ive met have been good lads, shame about the Accent.


The Staffords are a top outfit with brilliant soldiers and I believe the best mascott.

It is true that they are changing to the Mercians (3 Mercian) I think in October 2007 (sorry if I am wrong).

Join them whilst you can still be capped a Stafford!

Good Luck :D


So if you join and enlist before they change to Mercian you retain your cap badge and being known as a stafford is that what your saying??

Dont they change there berets and cap badges when they change to mercian?
No, you will, like all rebadge but you will always be (in your heart and heritage) a Stafford!

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