well where do i start? I am sick of being in England after being posted here from germany. I love my country but it has so many bad points at the moment and i just want to escape. Of course the first thing i thought was possibly got a posting coming up soon il apply for germany. Until i read that staffs are banned. :x
I have a 9 month old puppy who ive had for 7 months. He is part of the family and there is no way i could leave him behind so does anybody know of some postings that are easy enough to get, abroad where he will be allowed?
I know everyone has an opinion, good or bad about these dogs but I still think they should be allowed in these countries after passing character tests. lets face it they ARE all different the same as we are all different....... thank god!!!!! :wink:


Very random indeed!!!!! Certainly not something you see everyday in the REME forum.

I'll give my tuppence worth anyway because I do remember the uproar by squaddies when the laws regarding dogs came in. Delve a bit deeper into it Alfie, different parts of Germany have different rules IIRC. I remember Westfahlen (Dortmund, Paderborn, Sennelager etc) allowing some breeds that Lower Saxony (Herford, Hohne, Fally etc) did not allow and vice versa.

No guarantee that you'll have any luck but it's worth a look.


How about a posting to the Hebs? Far enough from mainland to not suffer the negatives, but still UK enough for Staffys :)

Failing that, write to the MPs in the German states that you can be posted to and see if they can change the laws...


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.The law was brought in in 2000 after two SBTs ripped a young girl apart in a park in Hanover. At the Time I had a SBT x and was supposed to take her for a behaviour assessment so she would be allowed to go off the lead and not have a muzzle. Because she was declared as just a cross breed I never got round to it. Not sure if you could get the test for pure bread dogs.


Why you would want to own such a chav dog in the first place is beyond me.

Surely the very nature of your employment denotes that you cannot actually deal in drugs nor wear a hoodie to work :twisted:

What is wrong with a respectable hound? You can choose between any colour of Lab for instance.

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