staffordshire bull terriers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by alfiewould, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. well where do i start? I am sick of being in England after being posted here from germany. I love my country but it has so many bad points at the moment and i just want to escape. Of course the first thing i thought was possibly got a posting coming up soon il apply for germany. Until i read that staffs are banned. :x
    I have a 9 month old puppy who ive had for 7 months. He is part of the family and there is no way i could leave him behind so does anybody know of some postings that are easy enough to get, abroad where he will be allowed?
    I know everyone has an opinion, good or bad about these dogs but I still think they should be allowed in these countries after passing character tests. lets face it they ARE all different the same as we are all different....... thank god!!!!! :wink:
  2. Ironically, you've picked a breed of dog that epitomises much of what's wrong with the country. It's taken you nine months to realise that the UK has gone to ratshit? Didn't you ever take any leave? Fortunately, the dog is still young enough to be re-homed. I would seriously consider it if you want to GTF out of Dodge - whether for an overseas posting or subsequent emigration. You've got to be realistic with this.

    My dogs, however, fly everywhere with me and have more airmiles than Richard Branson. They're Jet Setters... [tumbleweed][tolling of bell]..... [/tolling of bell][/tumbleweed]

  3. im confused now from that post!!! ive just read a whole moving to germany leaflet that says staffs are out right banned unless they were born before 2000!
  4. Staffys banned from der Reich? 8O 8O :? land of Rottweiler,Doberman,German sheppard and Weinerammers get the keys for the outrage Stuka SQN. :?
  5. Bloody dangerous!!!!!!! :roll:

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  6. lol mine is just the same!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'd always be dubious of any owner who would put such a fcukin stupidly gay harness on a dog.

    Are you a big butch leather queen who likes the total matching macho look? Truly shameful.
  8. thanks for the research! christ knows what im gonna do!!!
  9. He's not my Staffy just sticking up for the breed as every one i've come into to contact with has been soft as shiite.I beleieve the village people harness has been the only thing so far that he has not snapped whilst walking near busy roads without causeing a pile up.More of a Border Collie pouf my self which will walk to heel.So stick you're dubious assumption up your fcking arrse. :wink:
  10. Sorry i couldn't be of any help to the original query Alfie.Try asking in the arrse kennel club thread.Not so many dickers in there.
  11. thanks
  12. Alfie take the dog through anyway and tell them he's a Polish sausage dog and you have zee papers to dis. :wink: seen plenty of Staffs in Holland. :wink:
  13. LMAO :D