Staffords, WFRs, Cheshires, Mercians?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. What is the current arrangement? I was in 2 Mercian and re-badged to 3 Staffords in the late 80s. Left the district in the early 90s and then left the TA a few years later. What units and locations exist now? Who's got recce pltn?

    No one has the Recce Pl, under rebalancing TA Inf Bns aren't established for a Recce Pl.
  3. Thanks for the link.

    This suggests that the unit at Stoke is now badged King's and Cheshires.(?) Staffords at Burton reduced to a platoon. Doesn't tally with the ARMY website.
  4. So where each TA centre used to be home to a Coy. some will now be home to just a platoon or in some cases two. Certainly looks that way with D coy.
    Are the badges going again to be replaced with the old double headed shitehawk?
  5. That's normal, the baseline TA Inf Bn is 5-6 Rifle Platoons (counting the Inf Aslt Engr Pl as a Rifle Pl), and "Platoons" (i.e. sections with a Pl HQ) of AT, Mor and GPMG SF.

    It's quite normal for a "Company" to be a single Rifle Pl and a Support Wpns "Pl".

    For example: 3 PWRR
    HQ Coy (with 1 "Rifle Pl")
    A Coy: 1 Rifle Pl and 3 barrel Mor Pl
    B Coy: 1 Rifle Pl and 4 post AT Pl
    C Coy: 1 Rifle Pl and Inf Aslt Engr Pl
    D Coy: 1 Rifle Pl and 4 gun GPMG SF Pl

    and aye, the Double Headed Hawk is to be the capbadge
  6. Hi All,

    Ex-Stab wrote:
    After some complaints from the regular Colonels involved about it looking like a strangled chicken, having no history and belonging previously to a TA regiment, yes.

    Except that for 4 Mercian, which currently has Rifles and Fusiliers companies, which will be retained with those capbadges within the Regiment to maintain an area recruiting link.

    Below is a link from Tamworth Council giving some details about Formation Day.

    Best Regards,

  7. Not entirely true, Mercians was a regular Bde and also a West Midland TA unit with the same cap badge. I don't support this new regiment at all, bring back the Forester Bde (/Regt) and stop Lincs, Leics, Notts and Derbys (and Staffs) soldiers being in these awful 'foreign' regts.
  8. Thanks, Polar,

    I stand corrected.

    It's always good to add another pebble to the cairn of knowledge :elephant:

    Best Regards,

  9. wish u weren't