Staffords vote with their feet

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Aug 21, 2006.

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  2. Has there ever been any unit in the British Army which has experienced the full time off deployments according to the Harmony Guidelines? Last week the Army was crowing about it's recruitment figures. This will definately let the wind out of their sails. My only question is why did these soldiers join the army in the first place? I suppose that when they joined the world seemed like a benign place, where life for a squaddie was a relatively nice and safe place. Thanks to Bliar following the US foreign policy, the world is more dangerous for us.

    If they are NCOs who have families I can understand it. What the head-shed need to realise is that they may want the Army to come first, but in actuality most married soldiers will say that family comes first and the army a close second. They cannot keep this pressure up and expect the whole system not to start haemoraging. This will probably only be the beginning. Squaddies will talk with their feet.
  3. I get the feeling this thread was posted by a dis-gruntled Stafford who is
    scared to show his face . Well mate we are all in the same boat , i'm on
    my third tour of Iraq since 2003 .We flew out on Telic 8 a year to the day that we flew back from Telic 5 . Its the army so just get on with it .We are in the QDG .
  4. Oh but I understood that the Army is "stretched but not over-stretched".

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  5. Hackle you beat me to it, has anyone heard anything to match such utter rubbish from people who should know better. They will live to regret the day they chose to be "economical" with the truth about over-stretch. We will be using words like "broken" at this rate.
  6. Those that have left have voted with their feet, just as those that have decided to stay have.

    Lets not have the same old "I've had it tougher than you so stop whingeing" argument that crops up every time someone raises a genuine and perfectly reasonable quality of life issue in the forces.

    Those cnuts at the MOD rely on this so they can continue f**king you lads about with impunity.
  7. I heard that an awful lot of the PWRR had also signed off, although my impression was to some extent the fact that a lot of blokes had done what they joined to do and therefore 'job done, time to leave'. Not sure to what extent that's true but I can certainly empathise with such feelings.
  8. Me too. Bound to be a factor. What really struck me about the story is how short a tour interval this Bn are getting.
  9. That's fine, Paveway - you're obviously capable of 'sucking it up'... However, that's

    a) an arrogant remark that is inappropriate...

    b) not the point: if the terms of service and conditions are such that these sort of numbers are voting with their feet, the situation is unsustainable for the Army: young singlies newly joined may well love back to back tours, but anyone with a family and/or other commitments will not...

    Reminds me of Huw Pike briefing young infantry officers after the Falklands: one of his quotes was "married men are no use as soldiers"... We all looked at his rolling, insane eyes, and made our own judgement - particularly as he was married... :D
  10. No mention of the influence the upcoming merger would have then?
  11. Yup -factor in post tour leave, and pre-deployment training, and they must have got - what? about 6 months of normality? Think of the knock-on effects on career courses and skills training...
  12. Hmm - you're right, of course, Pongo - that should have reduced the numbers leaving: unlike the old and bold, serving soldiers would have recognised that a merger would improve the ability to man the Regiment, and manage tour intervals: so it would probably be even worse if it weren't for that...
  13. Though not a Stafford, I worked with them up at Al Amarah for the first part of their tour there last year. At the time they seemed a very positive upbeat Battalion, unlike the morale vacumn that was the Welsh Guards who preceeded them. I agree with the majority of posts on this thread, sending the Staffords back so soon must be a major factor in causing such a large PVR rate.

    Coming back to the Welsh Guards, if memory serves they got royally shafted a few years back. Upon return from a Bosnia tour they were informed that POTL was cancelled and they were all off driving green goddesses on OP FRESCO. They were still hacked off with that when they were in Iraq!
  14. I don't follow the party line on this one, I think you underestimate what effect loseing your capbadge has on the moral of the blokes. The options for change amalgamations had similar effects and it took a good few years for the regiments to get any sense of moral back. Good job the crows can no longer PVR or it would probably be worse.
  15. A months after coming back from Iraq, they were sent to Canada, only got back a couple of weeks ago. Not much time for families with that schedule.
    My mate isnt bothered though, I think hes looking forward to it!