STAFFORDS Soldier in WR Fire To Run 2007 London Marathon

Pte Karl Hinett of 1 STAFFORDS came to prominence when the Warrior of which he was the driver was surrounded and firebombed on TELIC 6; the pictures of the crew on flames escaping the vehicle became iconic images of the ongoing operations in Iraq.

Pte Karl Hinett was badly burnt, not least suffering severe facial burns and has undergone a great deal of medical treatment including several operations.

He and his mother received support from the Royal British Legion when they needed it most and now, in a gesture of thanks, Pte Hinett has decided to run the London Marathon in aid of the RBL to raise money so that they can help others.

If you would like to support Karl, please visit his Marathon Donations page at
Erm isn't it? Or have I had one too many Jamesons?


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BUMP......good man Karl...hope he reads this.

The only thing I would say about the RBL link is that he might like to consider putting something else on as well - it works.

Lee Shaver
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