Staffords arrest Al Amara suspects in soldiers deaths

The BBC are reporting that the Staffords have captured some Iraqi insurgents suspected of involvement in the deaths of the last two British soldiers killed in Al Amara.

Iraqis held over soldier deaths

Insurgents suspected of involvement in two roadside bomb attacks which killed two British soldiers in Iraq have been arrested, the Ministry of Defence says.

Troops from the Staffordshire regiment arrested "less than five" suspects during dawn raids on Sunday.

Lance Corporal Alan Brackenbury, 21, from Goole, East Yorkshire, was killed in Al Amara on 29 May.

Guardsman Anthony Wakefield, 24, of the 1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards, died in the same area just days before.

'Specific suspects'

The MOD said the operations, carried out by Task Force Maysan, had also recovered 130 detonators and other bomb-making equipment.

A spokesman said the raids took place in Al Marjarr Al Kabira, close to Al Amara, in Maysan province.

"Those targeted were suspected of being involved in recent attacks which claimed the lives of two UK soldiers, Guardsman Wakefield and Lance Corporal Brackenbury, in May 2005.

"The aim of the operation was to arrest a small number of specific suspects, all of whom are believed to be Iraqi citizens."

He said British troops had not encountered any hostile action during the operation.

'Terrorist elements'

"Careful consideration was given to the planning and execution of the operation in order to minimise disruption to innocent civilians," the spokesman said.

"It should be emphasised that the vast majority of the citizens of Maysan province are not involved in any way with the terrorist elements that reside within their community."

Intelligence experts are currently analysing equipment and information captured during the raids.

It is thought the men will be handed over to the Iraqi Police Force (IPS) once they have been questioned by military investigators.

The raids come hours after US troops revealed they killed 40 suspected insurgents in air and ground strikes close to the Syrian border in western Iraq.
Well done the Staffords!
Congrats to the Staffords - lets hope this turns into convictions from the Iraqi justice system. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see what the Iraqi slant on punishing terrorists is.

(How much do you want to bet sentences are a whole lot heavier than our excuse of a justice system meets out!)
Be interesting if on conviction they were sentenced to death. Would WMF fly out to defend them on the grounds that their yooman rights were being infringed?
El Gringo- I think your money is safe!!! :twisted:
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