Staff Sergeant v Flight Sergeant v Warrant Officer class 2

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ginger_whinger, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. I am about to be posted to a RAF unit and am a SSgt. I have been forewarned that all the Flight Sergeants (of the RAF) think that they hold the same rank as WO2. I know that FS do not hold the Royal Warrant.

    Can anyone clear this up. I am not looking for an individual opinion, rather some direction about where I can find the documentation that says SSgt and FS are the same.

    Perhaps someone with NATO experience can shed some light on this in light of the fact that they will know what the NATO OR rank numbers mean.
  2. try this link!!

    as far as it is concerned a SSGT is equal to flt sgt and chief tech! :D
  3. It is the same as the LCpl / JT issue, a JT (Junior Technician) is the same as a Class 1 Pte, it is an appointment only given to techs in the RAF, where none techs go LAC - SAC - Cpl - Sgt - Flight Sgt - WO

    Techs go LAC - SAC - J/T - Cpl - Sgt - Chief Tech - Flight Sgt - WO.

    but beacuse we give techs a LCpl and the RAF give their J/T they like to think there the same but J/T is an appointment, can not charge anyone and cannot go in the Cpls mess.

    The RAF WO equates to our WO1 so the RAF like to think that makes their Flight like our W02 so their Chief must be a SSGT, however it is simply that their is not an RAF equiviliant to our WO2 and Flight is the same as SSGT, as shown in the Queens Regs. But it makes for good arguing in the mess.
  4. The thing that gripes the crabs is that it takes their lot 28 years to get Ft Sgt, so when they see a 33 yr old SSgt they think that they cannot be the same. The promotion system they have is much slower and this caues some resentment when they compare ranks.

    I know a Sqn Ldr who reckoned that an Army WO2 was about RAF Sgt (due to years of service) problem was the WO2 was his key man - not good for a working environment..!
  5. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    been there
    seen that
    real fun at a tri service unit
    then when you throw in the Yanks for good measure it got real interesting!!

    how i miss my time in tri service units, NOT!!

    at the end of the day as long as you can do your job better than those in blue then who cares what rank they think they are
  6. Load of bollox.

    An equal rank is just that - equal.

    They serve till they are 55 so hence the slow down on promotion.

    Time served does not constitute a difference in rank only in seniority within the same rank.

    A 22 years served Siggie is still a Siggie, he does not outrank a 2 year served Lance Jack.

    GW - just tell them to get a life, they are only civvies in uniform anyway.
  7. The best help I can give that is an offical publication is taken from the AFPS booklet.

    Go to your admin office and get a hold of the "Your Pension Scheme Explained" a purple A4 book, inside you will find a small loose document that gives you all the OFs and OR Nato grade codings

    Hope that helps
  8. Having been a WO2 in charge of RAF Ch techs and Flt sgts, i know only too well the tired and sad RAF arguments. Might I suggest you just draw their attention to QRs (either RAF or Army variants). The Flt Sgt/SSgt equivalence is clear as is the supremacy of the WO2 - it's even in a nice wee table for them to understand.

  9. They must be taking the mick. Even a spotty air cadet know their OR ranks came from army and the officers from the Navy. They used to have a WO1 eqivalent (Station WO I think).
  10. The Station WO (SWO) is an appointment and he's still only a WO all be it the senior WO and it's sort of equivilent to the RSM except that they don't have regiments (RAF Regiment are still in Squadrons) and they don't have Sergeant Majors.
  11. And there all tw*ts............... posers to a man no idea how to discipline when needed and dont even know how to dress themselves properly
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    err talking about the blue jobs now 8O
  12. The RN have ended the confusion over Charge Chief Petty Officers by instituting WO2 rank for former Charge Chiefs from 1 April 2004.

    Fair enough. Charge Chiefs only existed in the technical branches, their authority was branch and job only, even though their qualifications, knowledge and responsibilities were greater than any bog standard CPO. They remained substantive CPOs for pension ( even though they were paid more) and the only identifying badge of rate was worn on Nos Ones, on the qualification arm. Hence, their attempts to claim CCPO was a rate senior to that of CPO was held in contempt by many, mostly non technical ratings. "I'm not 'Chief' I'm Charge Chief".

    "Right you are Chief, and which badge tells me so?"

    They were the equivalent of Flight Sergeants. Not any more. :wink:
  13. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    there is a simple answer to all this

    anything that flies leave to the RAF
    anything that floats leave to the Royal Navy
    everything else on tera furma leave to those in Green

    why have so much duplication?
  14. Some things that fly shouldn't be left to the RAF. They are integral to the Land Component (Battlefield Helicopters / UAVs) and have very little relevance to the Core Business of the RAF.