Staff Sergeant Robert Oliver (Deceased)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jerrycan2793, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I am not sure why I haven't thought of this before but my uncle, Robert or Bob Oliver was in the Royal Signals sometime ago. I believe he finished life in the army as a Staff Sergeant. I know he has an NI Medal and one for Borneo. I don't know when he served though I do believe he spent some time with 21 Signals.

    He left and joined the prison service but sadly died after a battle with cancer.

    My Uncle raised me like his own and was the closest person I had to a father. I am not sure why I have never looked into his military career but he was a truly inspiring man from my point of view.

    Did anyone know him? Serve with him?

    Would anyone be willing to share a few dits about him? I have heard he was notorious for stealing compo from the stores but never got caught.
  2. Nice story, good luck with your search, sorry I'm not ex sigs so cant help but there are hundreds of them on here lol
  3. Thanks, I am going to try and get hold of his service number and have a nosey in to his career. From what I have pieced together from his Daughter he was injured in Borneo though I am not sure how.
  4. Carrying all that stolen compo I guess - careful, them there QMs have long memories! Just saying....
  5. His wife will never forgive the army for chasing him for a pair of his reservist issue boots when he was in hospital dying so getting much out of her when it comes to the Army is difficult.

    I was taught to Bull boots by him though and I was always a very well turned out army cadet at least.
  6. Ouch! tactless.... As I said, joking aside, good luck with the search
  7. Can you give any years that he may have still been in. I know of a Bob Oliver from 1ADSR about 75 to 78.
  8. He would have been in at that point, I think he would have left Mid to late 80's I should be able to get a photo uploaded.

    I am trying to think of a way to describe him, His wife was Jo if you ever met her.

    I also know he spent time in Germany After 1971 because his daughter and youngest son where there so between 75-78 would fit the time line.

    He had blondeish hair and was relatively tall (Though I was child so everyone was tall)

    I know he worked with the Harriers at some point from pictures he used to have.
  9. The Bob Oliver I knew was a Sergeant in 1 Squadron at 1 Armoured Div HQ and Signal Regiment at that time, 75 onwards. I was fairly fresh out of the factory at that time and although I was in the same troop he was far above my social level. However if this is the guy I am happy to report that he was unusual as a senior rank in BAOR at that time as he was not a fat useless bastard.
    He was tallish, perhaps 5'11", lightly built, had blond hair and was an easy going bloke with the guys. He was, also unusually for that time in BAOR, keen to do his best for the guys in the troop. He was very approachable, supportive and protective of his 'Boys'. If this is your Uncle you are indeed a lucky man. There is more, but he was a good one.
  10. The physical description sounds similar, if it is him I will soon find out if I manage to discover his service history. I will post on here.

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  11. Looks a little as I remember but his hair is far too long. Scruffy bugger.

    Can I suggest the Royal Signals Association they may be more helpful than I have been. Best of luck.
  12. Me neither, but how it that funny?
  13. Many thanks for the input and private messages. He was in 1 ADSR between 75-78 that has been confirmed. would anyone know how I could go about looking into his career away from 1 ADSR? am I even allowed to as I am not a direct dependant et..