Staff Sergeant Robert Bales,what will the outcome be?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. Interesting that Bales cops a plea and gets life for slotting Afghans whilst it looks like Maj Hasan will get the death penalty for slotting Americans. I guess its terrorism when you are a Muslim but fair game when you are a Christian.
  2. It's not "interesting" at all, you prick, Bales didn't "cop a plea" he pleaded guilty, which limits the maximum sentence available. Hasan has chosen to admit to being "the shooter" but still not plead guilty, and has deliberately handed the prosecution a guilty verdict. Both may be considered to have played the system, but the outcome in either case has fcuk all to do with the religion, nationality, or status of either the killer or his victims.

    Did I mention that you were a prick?
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  3. Reckon Hasan is trying to make a political point?

    His legal advice surely would have been to put his hands up to escape 'the chair'.
  4. If the world was turned upsidedown and I wanted to make a point about being a warrior defending Islam against imperialist crusader aggression, as opposed to being a common or garden murderer, I still wouldn't pick a Yank CM as the ideal venue for my posturing.

    Of course, he could simply _want_ to be a martyr for the cause? Who failed at the first attempt so is having another go?

    Why, oh effing why?
  5. Yes it ****ing has. Bales committed cold blooded murder and so did Hasan. One killed Americans and is looking at the needle, and another is looking at a life sentence after being spirited away from justice in the country where he committed the crime.

    That murdering shithouse in Boston is looking at a capital punishment for killing far fewer. But they were Americans.

    There is a clear implication that an Afghan's life is worth less than that of an American.

    And that is shameful.

    But typical of the utter hypocrisy of the USA.
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  6. I think there is the thinking within the US that US lives are somehow more important than other countries.
    It's probably the same thinking in countries across the world but the US does seem to be more blatant about it.

    It does beg the question if Al Q had attacked any country other than America in September 2001, would the US have gotten involved at all?

    Say if those planes had gone into Canary Wharf, MB, Buckingham Palace and Palace of Westminster would we have been able to call upon our great ally over the sea to help us in our 'War On Terror'?

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  7. I am one step removed from knowing if this has anything to do with religion, nationality etc. it will no doubt be viewed with the conclusion you came to. An Ameican is worth more than an Afghan.
  8. Goldbricker enters thread with retaliatory insult against Brits in 3...2...1...

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  9. Goldbricker: because he (unintentionally) shits comedy gold.
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  10. No, it hasn't! Unless, of course they changed the legal system just for Hasan, ( yes I know it's CA, BUT) throbber!

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  11. Bales' actions were probably far more wide-reaching. At a time when the internal threat and "green on blue" attacks were escalating in Afghanistan in early 2012 Bales succeeded in alienating even the most sympathetic of Afghans. KLE work in Spring 2012 was not the most comfortable place to be. So I've heard.
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