Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid - Briton of the Year

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. Although he was no doubt a very brave bloke, he was doing his job which he had volunteered for and was paid to do. Many people die doing their job. I'm sure there are many out there who do a lot of work to help others who neither get paid to do it and do it in their spare time whilst holding down their main job.
  2. I agree however it should be a joint recoqnition for all the poor blokes who have lost their lives in this campaign.

    My bold, as has all the other wives, partners and mothers.
  3. What about firefighters, policemen and others who have lost their lives in the line of duty? Or is only Afghanistan important?
  4. In many ways he represents the best of being British paradigm:
    Courage, Duty, Honour & Service to country & fellow comrades.
    These attributes are not always best represented by those in public life today.
    Lives given, like S/Sgt Schmid's, give others a moment to reflect on the way they live their lives,
    and hopefully give of themselves in service to others as he has done.
  6. Never said that, but he didn't represent Firefighters, Policemen and others, he represented the Armed Forces. No doubt somebody somewhere will be calling for PC Bill Barker to be awarded Briton of the year.... and why not.
  7. Oh sorry. I thought the award was Briton of the year not Soldier of the year.

    My mistake.
  8. Fally - normally your posts are pretty spot on, but I must say that came across as unusually chippy.

    If CO 2 Rifles saw fit to describe SSgt Schmid as the bravest man he had ever met and even claimed him as his own on TV, perhaps he was a bit out of the ordinary? Picking him out is rather like picking any member of any BG out for an award - the individual is recognised, but so is the team he is part of. I would rather the national press recognised the Army and its soldiers than ignored them.

    The Times team of the year yesterday was 11 EOD Regt RLC for the work they have done in Afghanistan. Seems the ato fraternity has caught the imagination of the press and the public. A bunch of people who rarely boast about their achievements, never slag other capbadges (apart from a bit of RE teasing) and just get on with it.

    Who would you have chosen for Briton of the Year?
  9. Although I understand your sentiment....I do trouble to equivicate it with the underlying admiration you demonstrate in your chosen user name. One final point, t'others get paid shit loads.
  10. I agree whole heartedly with all the points that have been brought to the fore.

    In essence there most people fall into three groups, whether it be 'workers, jerkers and shirkers' or 'sheep dogs, sheep and wolves', of course we can flit between all camps depending on circumstance but as a generalisation it stands.

    Some people make life better for others, some make it worst and a lot are just along for the ride.

    So here is a glass for the good folk out there 'cos I think they've earnt it. Cue Hil Street Blues theme tune.

    I'm sure it would a lot poorer without the good folk.
  11. Who mentioned Soldier of the year? As you mentioned earlier, "he was doing his job which he had volunteered for and was paid to do" just like the other 243 Soldiers to have been killed. Still a good choice for Briton of the year.
  13. Obviously, the case for recognising those who do things in their spare time for the sheer hell of it is a strong one, and which is why we have awards for them on the PMs list; but so is it the case for the rest of the people on this Telegraph list, with the possible exception of Joanna Lumley. The point is made clear at the end of the piece:

    In naming Staff Sergeant Schmid the Daily Telegraph's Briton of the Year, we do so not because he was different from the thousands of other British men and women who have served in Afghanistan, but precisely because he exemplified all of their qualities of selflessness, duty and courage.

    So, we are going to say that nobody who does a job for which they volunteered and get paid should receive any sort of recognition, are we? What about all the other honours, the CBEs and OBEs and MBEs, that are given out each year? Where would that put all the medal winners in the world? Ridiculous! We need to honour our high achievers or we end up with a non-achieving society where the only thing that distinguishes you is the shade of grey you wear.

    I support Olaf's nomination. Not because he was anything special - all Ammo Techs and atos would I am sure agree that they are volunteers and get paid technician rate for the job (I know because I was one) - but because his case highlights and honours the risks and consequences to our personnel over there doing their jobs, too. By honouring his memory, we honour them.
  14. Sometimes Fally your just (as you have now done) substantiate and qualify your statements.