Staff Sergeant Chris Chacksfield

liz_the_nurse said:
Tragically killed recently, see link HERE.

Condolences to Chris's wife, daughter and family.
Absolutely terrible news. I hope the killer gets what he deserves. RIP Chris.
Had the pleasure to have you as a next door neighbour Chax in Germany. Myself and the wife are thinking of you and your family.

Truely tragic news, a big bloke but a genuine nice guy.

Shocking news, a great guy and an honour to have known and worked with. RIP Chax


I knew Chris when he was a sprog at 210 for men and 216. we talked last year in Bramcote and he was doing really well. It's really sad and I wish his wife (who IIRC was/is serving as a QA) condolences.
Had the pleasure of knowing Chacks when he was a PSI in 37 Sigs, an increadibly keen and professional bloke, and as someone said earlier a big bloke but a genuinely nice guy.

RIP mate
R.I.P. sad news.
I only heard about this recently. I didn't know him but as a good PSI who ran a cracking exercise. A genuine loss for 14 Sigs, the corps and the army.

RIP fella

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