Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Delhispearman, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. Could anyone throw any light on the following please?

    When an Officer (not me!) reaches Colonel rank and effectively hands over his Regt cap badge for a completely new one does he require a new uniform/s or does he remain with what he has already?

    Is their a DIN or document that dictates specifically the dress regulations from that point on?

    In anticipation


    Yours Aye

  2. Don't know about that, but most Staff Officers wear crunched up lightweights, unpolished brown shoes a threadbare shirt and a chip bag hat.
  3. On promotion to colonel, officers stop belonging to their former capbadge and become members of the General Staff. In theory, this means that not only their capbadge changes but most everything else about their uniform: collar dogs, buttons etc.

    The changes are often more obvious where officers have previously been members of the infantry or cavalry, where their "capbadge specific" uniforms, particularly Service Dress or Mess Kit are very different from the General Staff pattern. For those of us in the Corps, these differences are often less obvious because many of our uniforms are already based on the General Staff pattern and therefore the differences are less obvious unless you look closely.

    What also blurs the issue is that officers promoted to colonel often choose to keep the uniform items of their former incarnation - so sometimes and in some forms of dress the only dfference you would notice from any distance is that they are wearing the GS capbadge of the lion standing atop the crown instead.
  4. And does anyone mond about this? Just curious - as a matelot, we (pretty much) wear the same rig from Midshipman to Admiral of the Fleet.
  5. I don't 'mind' as such - it's just that it's going to cost me a shedload of money................. :x
  6. I thought COls and up, just change Capbadges and swap colloar dogs for those red jobbies.

    Normally they wear ALL of their old accoutrements (bar cap badge and collar dogs obviously).

    Hence wacko jacko wearing a Para beret... and others.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Anyone going to risk their career by telling a full Col what to wear?

    Thought not.

    Mind you I very nearly told the GOC to stop being a twit by running in the full heat of the Basra sun, but my spidey senses started tingling...

  8. msr

    You have clearly not come across the paradox of military shit-dom. The wider the rank disparity the greater you can get away with. A 2Lt taking the piss out of a 4* in the Mess: kosher. A captain pointing out a minor fault in a major: instant death. Hence generals have junior officers as ADCs: they can get away with a lot without causing too much offence. Mind you I have found Cols to be the most sensitive souls.
  9. I always found Colonels and then Brigadiers wives to be the most sensitive, Colonels as they are now not top dog in their Regiment and for insecure Brigadiers wives as having got the "star" on the staff car want their Hubbie to be a General.
  10. I can't remember what happens to Service Dress but once on the General Staff you get a new Mess Kit.
  11. Plus full colonels are issued Barbour jackets for wearing with barrack dress.
  12. Always was a precocious (sp?) cnut - I got mine as an Ensign, but then again it was the early '80s.
  13. Quality! :p :p
  14. All this is very confusing to this Yank (Septic if you prefer). At least in the current era, the notion of any individual officer, even a Colonel, sort of mixing and matching bits of uniform and kit to suit his or her personal preferences is yet another of those quaint customs that doesn't translate well into "American."

    Also one of the first things of which I was reminded upon achieving that vaunted rank of Colonel was my Sergeant Major whispering to me to not take myself too seriously. I have always valued that advice and tried to embrace it. Makes life a lot more fun!
  15. As Billy Connolly said "Gadaffi, the Pope... You know you're in trouble when the bast'rds start designing their own uniforms!".

    The Pope: One word - Bling!

    Gadaffi: The understated look:

    My particular favourite is Hermann Goering.