Staff Jobs in the USA

Having utterly sold out and being about to marry a USAF Officer I am getting ready to steel myself for the inevitable battle with the Morale Counter Measures Division about the existence of jobs in the United States. Whilst I am aware that there are a fair few going on the BDS in Washington I need to try and find something on the West Coast, preferably in Arizona. Before I go and speak to them and watch the parade of denial and ignorance about such jobs does anybody know of any existing jobs in that area that I can mention to my Desk Officer. Angling for any SO2 appointment for someone from the Infantry.

Many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions tendered, and my apologies for diluting the gene pool with such a union.
opsmeister, this list may be slightly out of date (2004). However the following were the tied posts for the Inf in the states. i'll post the locations if you want more info PM me:

Fort Drum NY.

82nd AB Div Fort Bragg NC.

Fort Benning GA

West Point

Fort Polk LA.

There are ;loads more exchange jobs out there.

Fort Irwin CA

Fort Huachuca AZ (Int Corps though)

Hope that helps. Good luck and im sure that you can get the full list through the system.
Fort Hood- 1st Cavalry Division EO has been Inf for the last 8 years not tied Inf but the RAC do not seem able or willing to fill it. Good job but beware the 12 month holiday in the sandbox that will occur during any 2 year tour!

The 3ID job is tied RE, the Inf post is filled by the Cannucks.


hamster_man said:
East Coast there is an exchange officer Inf with 3 ID in South Carolina - wrong coast - right Country! Again, a tour in the sun is likely.