Staff drummer at R.A.H. 1881 ?


I`m researching a possible ancestor who came over from Germany in 1858. Besides a year with the RN (1871-72) as a bandsman on HMS Inconstant, he crops up on the 1881 census in Aberdeen as a "staff drummer R.A.H..
I`m thinking that this is the Royal Argyllshire Highlanders and wondered if any arrsers would concur, or can come up with other possibilites ?
The 1881 census was carried out on 3/4 April so just before they merged and became the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
Also being a staff drummer would he have gone on deployment or been stuck in depot ?
Suspect he is by then ex-army and now in some concert hall

London had no Royal Albert Hall at the time, so it must be something knon to the censors by its initials.

Royal Aberdeen Hotel/Hall ?


Royal Aberdeen Hospital ? Why they need a drummer is for someone else to figure out tho


I must admit the first thing that popped into my mind was Royal Albert hall, it was the "staff drummer" description which lead me to think forces.