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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by WhiteHorse, Aug 26, 2004.

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  1. Ok I know this has been touched on before but here goes...)and I hope this is the correct forum) :?

    Where can I find, not only a list of designations G1 etc but a list of responsibilities or job description? I don't want just G1 Personnel, more like G1, personnel- POW, casualty,etc etc

    Been asked to give a heads up to some visitors and want to get it all A1
  2. I think someone recently posted this link which is the JSCSC list of joint staff branch designations in PJHQ and the JTFHQ. Because it covers joint staff branches, the prefix is J rather than G (Army), N (Navy) and A (Air). This point aside, the translation across to army staff nranches is pretty straightforward.

    If you have access to CHOTS/CASH or whatever then try the DLW site (or the Electronic Battlebox CD) for a definitive Army version if this table doesn't answer your question.

  3. Snap!
  4. Thanks for your help, I have the joint list( 8O ) but if I remember there are a few areas that change desks as it were.

    I will wade through the Electronic Battlebox tomorrow and see.

    Thanks again.