Staff College Demo/REME 50 Parade, Sennelager 92

Discussion in 'REME' started by Sqn_Barman, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. Were you there?

    I was on the SC Demo side, but still got horribly wet.

    Poor b*g*e*s on parade white from the waist down as the rain washed out the blanco. Me hiding in the back of the M109.

    Best quote.... From Jim.... in response to a question from a foreign jonnie "You're a big man corporal, do you use the gym a lot?"
    "No sir", says Jim, "I'm just a fat bast**d".

    Priceless... unless you take into account the mil fine entry on the next pay slip to Cfn Jim!

    Hey ho
  2. I was there.......trying to poach as much of the free food and drink....
  3. As the T-shirt said afterwards

    'If you weren't wet, you weren't there..'

    I was on parade with No 7 Company (the Fally LADs)

    The daft thing was, earlier in the week it had been glorious sunshine and we had guys on parade with bad sunburn and flamazine all over their noses and cheeks.
  4. My other main memory was of everything not nailed down being 'liberated' as souvenirs - IIRC there was a witch hunt afterwards for the bronze capbadge centrepiece from the dais (and the guidons, and the star plate from the reviewing officer's vehicle and.......)
  5. The one good thing Tetlow did while OC of 6Armd was to ban all us scruffy fatties from his wksp squad he was sending to Sennelager .....

    The huniliation of not being allowed to join in with all the sparrows fart **** around drill parades and not standing in the pissing rain on the day still lives with me today.....
  6. I was driving a 4t Bedford Calm in the vehicle drive past hence fairly dry! Who was the joker that played the "The Charge of the Light Brigade" over the net as we all drove in a curve to face the crowd. I would like to shake the hand of that man!!
  7. Fecking Fat Fifer Ece's.

    Less of the Tiffy L's PT and get your lardy heathen arrse out on the streets.

    (/me looks at his rapidly expanding waistline :oops: )

    Who was the RD bloke whose Birthday was the day before the parade, and had his No2 jacket ironed with the creases down the arm "CBT jacket" sstyle by his mates, a fact he only discovered the morning of the parade when he had a blazing hangover?
  8. Took me fricking ages to get the blanco off my 2's. Sat in that freezing tent pissed wet through. Still got the sweatshirt though, must have shrunk in the wash as it doesn't fit me anymore
  9. The REME PArachute display that never was.
  10. I saw plenty of parachuting going on, but not on the day obviously. Didn't they have one killed in the days running up to it?

    The canopy came out but the lines were all twisted and, well, you can guess the rest.
  11. I was in the stands as my unit, 1 Queens, were in the process of amalgamating and the LAD were thinning out due to Minden being closed down, which I now see as criminal, as it was a glorious town.

    I will never forget after the parade there was a slap up meal. I was only a crafty and not too long out of the factory getting waited on hand and foot by my muckers who were getting the run around.

    Oh yes, it was pi ssing it down, so I went to the bar.
  12. I was on the SCD in the FRG I had to hand my twos hat in for someone to wear on the parade, never got it back,
  13. I was there,with the Guard formed by 11 Armd Wksp.Best piss-up of my Army Career in the days leading up to the parade. I remeber the flamazine faces,looked like a re-run of Bluff Cove,but that sodding rain,blanco down my twos and 1 week later I was on my JMC,deep joy trying to get them clean in time.Just wish I could thank the person who made the decision to allow us to put civvies on after!
  14. I can remember the 5 Armd staff college demo annual marathon. Anyone from 5 will know what I mean.......
  15. I was there as part of No.1 Coy from 4 Armd with Russ Booth (top bloke)as CSM. Remember on one of the many pre-parade inspections being asked by some senior REME (or possibly late REME) officer where I got my N.I. medal. What he meant was, where did I get it court mounted, but I didnt know so just replied "N.I. Sir". How the whole Coy didnt get locked away for sniggering I will never know!!