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PompeySailor said:
Not sure. Most of the replacements I get are Mercs, Saab 93s, etc. I think they are staying with current stock and recycling, but I have heard rumours of the Skoda and Toyota being used. The Boss wants a Wolf (and I wouldn't mind either!), but apparently they are not 2* vehicles!
You see how freekin childish this gets - "My boss wants a Wolf" !! Well bad luck mister get walking!!
Trouble is that a Wolf would be infinitely more approprite for him (OK, perhaps any sort of realistic off-roader), rather than the fuel-guzzling cars that they are expected to want. He spends a lot of time, because of the job, at AT locations, remote locations, etc, and a "luxury" car is not really what we need. As it happens, we have to beg and borrow a suitable vehicle for the task when we need it, which is a pain. 1SL had a top of the range Freelander, which was completely unsuitable for London (when it wasn't getting nicked!), and it took him ages to get the powers that be to agree to change it. We tried to hand our car in and rely on self-power, but it actually works out far more expensive when you look at air/rail/hire costs - and again they were not happy for us to cancel the car because "it would set a precedent for other *'s."

Still, I don't care 'cos it gets me out and about.....

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