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Discussion in 'RLC' started by sharkie, May 19, 2009.

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  1. does any one on here happen to know how i go abouts getting hold of a cleaning set for out staff car? as i am not going to use detergent gen purpose on a range rover sport!! i also am not gonna use my own car care kit on it!!
    i am aware of stuff that is obtainable through the system ( as used by 20 rlc staff car sqn) but have no idea how to get hold of some

    this is a duplicate of the post in the qm's forums
  2. Why don't you phone 20 Sqn?
  3. i would do but i am having a head ache getting hold of telephone numbers?!
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Are you telling us that OC JHSU has a Range Rover Sport as a staff car?

    Since we see 2 star generals moving around in Vauxhall Vectras, that seems a bit excessive?
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Directory enquiries?
  6. So the GS detergent would be good enough then.

    I used to look after Defence Attache vehicles (and NI Specials) so if they've got it its been justified through a process that would make your gums bleed from sheer frustration!

    And GS detergent will work on it perfectly!
  7. Pay for the kit out of the COPF!
  8. I thought this thread was going to turn into a "my car is better than yours one"!!
    In that case ill go one using a Armoured V8 Range Rover at moment....and i dont need to have it clean and shiny!! :D
  9. right to settle the thread. the range rover sport is on loan from landrover as they are sponsoring the chinook display team , of which i am i/c team vehicle. it is one of a 5 year line of range rover sport as we get a brand new one every year.
    i wont use detergent gen purpose on it as that stuff will f**k up the paint. i am not jhsu i am 27 sqn.
  10. Try dialing 192 from a mil line and ask the operator for 20 sqn, bloody loggies!!

  11. Find out who manages the relationship between JHSU and Land Rover.

    Land Rover do not sponsor as an act of charity.

    Point out that without cleaning kit their vehicles are going to look like a sack of sh1t at all of the displays where they hope to get free publicity.
  12. done but to no avail as they get there cleaning stuff from ato gleam and they dont have any spare.any other ideas?
  13. Who are you talking to the local dealer?
  14. no i have contacted the head of diplomatic and royal sales, who gave us the vehicle, and they dont give kits away although they do sell an overpriced kit that they can place up there a**e! it was 20 sqn who said they dont keep a stock of stuff

  15. F uck me, you are one important person, what kind of training do you do for that?