Staff Car Drivers - A viable appointment?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by sarge_massage_my_passage, Mar 7, 2009.

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    A lance jack who works in my section has just been told that he's on a short list to drive some 1 star - he never even applied for the job and it's not in his job spec (?)

    Obviously, I as a section comd don't want to lose a decent and hard working lance jack, but it got me thinking about the job of Handbaggers, in an environment where we're short manned as it is, is it still viable in the Army's interests to have Staff Car drivers? Are there any more cost and man effective methods? Didn't the Army invest hundreds of thousands of pounds into video link conferencing a few years back? Isn't it a career staller?

    At C.O level, why can't the C.O have a pool of drivers who alternate the duties on a weekly basis, therefore allowing most to carry on normal jogging?

    I raised the issue with 2 old and bold Sgts in my CoC, they told me that ALL Staff Car positions (even those for Infantry Officers) are going to the RLC, not sure I believe that one though.
  2. My comiserations if that is the case. On occasions this used to be the COs dogsbody role often designated to mongoloid biffs. Face it, there is hardly an operational role driving a staff car so it is pretty much a waste of time pulling a soldier to do it.
  3. I think it so the driver knows where he is going instead of constantly getting directions from the CO, He knows what to expect without having to be briefed every week.

    I've alway thought it to be a cushy number not only do you get all the perks (nice hotels, no execises/duties, driving in civvies sometimes) it also gets your face known throughout the regiment, All of the CO/Brigadier drivers I've known seem to be switched on otherwise the officer would bin them.
  4. We tend to put soldiers in that type of job who need their profile raising with a bit of face time with the boss. It can work wonders when reporting on some one.
  5. I used to have to drive the Regt 2ic when the CO and his driver were on leave. Bloody hard work! Normal day job followed by an evening function. Drop him at his MQ about 0200, pick him up again at 0730. JSP 356? 9/11 hrs off between duties? I don't think so!! :x

    Handbaggers are welcome to it.

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    Okay, I understand it at Regimental level for Privates who need face time etc. But what about the higher echelons of the Army.

    Is it really productive taking NCO's out of their day job to drive someone about?
  7. Isn't driving people about THE day job of the driver trades in the RLC :lol: typical Trog, complaining about having to do their job :D
  8. :? , the lance jack I'm referring to is a Communications Specialist. Why take someone who deals with Comms out of their trade?
  9. It's so your boss can have deep meaningful conversations instead of listening to radio 4 :p
  10. Dumb question time, what is meant by a 'handbag' job?
  11. Trog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheeky sod, was never that low! :lol:

  12. Sorry but before trade upsexing wasn't a Communications Specialist a DRIVER/Rad op.

    It seems to me that M&RO have chosen someone who seems to be a good NCO, to go off and do a high profile job driving a Brigadier. Me personally I can't think why in this day of modern battlefield comms a Brigadier would need someone who knows his way round Bowman. :?

    Maybe this guy needs to take a rain check and see this for what it is. It will be hard work; it will be pissing around running after his nibs. But if he does well at it, his nibs will be writing his next 2 possibly 3 CR’s and the fact that it is a high profile job will carry some weight on the promotion board.

    Maybe you should think about this soldier’s career and not about making your life easier.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Probably the most important role in the regiment:

    CO is taken to the Offrs' Mess and given a brief
    RSM is taken to the Sgts' Mess and given a brief

    CO's driver wanders round (unless taken to the brew room and entertained) and speaks to the lads on the shop floor.

    Guess who goes first on the drive home....

  14. The use of a Dvr/ Rad Op in this instance is correct. See below:

  15. Feckin lol!!!!!