Staff and Dress

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by JT0475, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. That would be the brigade commander, then...
  2. I suppose they can wear what they like - unlike the poor fcuker in the background.
  3. At least the Guardsman turned out properly dressed
  4. Well, should know better.
    I remember a GOC at 1 Div who set the standard for the whole HQ - SLR, 58 Webbing & steel lid, and didn't mind getting stopped and asked for ID no matter where (barracks or field) or who by.
  5. Which one? One of them must be wrong.
  6. i for one am glad to see at least one officer above major with better things to worry about than ironing kit and "mixed dress" ad nauseam
    mind you i should find it reassuring that in battalions getting ready to go on tour that the heirarchy have nothing better to worry about than dress and standards, it leads me to believe they are not anticipating any serious casualties on the tour and therefore have time to concentrate on these smaller matters!!!
  7. He SHOULD have a shirt on - it's about setting the standards and then living by them...............simple really??
  8. You are absolutely right, little matters like uniform and combat ID and correctly fitting body armour and correctly worn sun protection and eye protection and gloves and boots and where to carry your tourniquet and morphine and mocking bird and chin straps done up and sleeves rolled down and clean weapons and correctly fitted sights and accessible magazines and grenades and first parading vehicles have no place in keeping men and women operationally effective and alive on operations.
  9. Maybe he just got off a heli to do the handover having bee on the ground visiting troops?
    personaly i couldnt give a toss but its good to see he isnt a bullshit and shine brigade commander.
  10. About 1984?
  11. Of more concern is the funny coloured beret he is wearing, is he RAF 8O
  12. last month, 2010. Retro is the new black.
  13. Got it in one!
  14. Wasn't thinking about bs or shine, just wearing the correct dress.