Stadium of Sh*te

I am not 100% sure if this is correct or if it is just Geordie ARRSE! But i am sure some one will find out for us!

Anyway i was chatting to a Geordie welder the other day who used to work for WD C**se and Sons in Newcastle. This company made the front gate to the stadium of Sh*te!

The people who made it were all Geordies!!!!!!! When they had finished the gate they attached the base plate of the gate, but only after leaving a few endearing comments. He said they used a hammer and stamp and tapped in "NUFC RULES" "HAWAY THE LADDS" "MACCUM W**KERS" and a few other things.

He said if you run your hands along the bottom of the gate you will feel where they did it!

If only this was true??????????????????????????????????????????????

Is it true?

Any Arrser in Sunderland want to go and find out ??????????
Same sort of thing happened down here with the Scummers and St Marys. Built with a lot of Pompey Contractors who buried Pompey shirts under the stadium (seen the photos to prove it)... let's hope it curses them for the next few decades!! :twisted:
I work in an office not 2 minutes down the road from the ugly building that is built precariously on the edge of a steep drop into a excrement-infested river.

If i have to do any walking up to the gate of shit, the end result would be in me leaving my thoughts on the pavement in front of it.

For the very fact that the builders allowed such an act of sabotage to go unhindered, it only reinforces my (un-biaised) opinion that Mackems are thick, ginger, piss-stained cunts :boogie:

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