Stacker1 Rehab?

I'm sure there was justification in putting Stacker1 beyond the pale but time has passed and although I'm likely to be in the minority here, I'm of the opinion that the site is poorer by his absence.

He spoke his mind, often from a position of knowledge, which I believe is usually a good quality to have. Although in doing so, he upset the more insecure folk who don't take to alternative points of view, or home-truths.

Those who run the site obviously get to call the tune, and it would be their call, but is it time for Stacker to return to the fold (assuming he wants to) ?
Yup. He stuck to his guns and he encouraged a couple of his corps officer's to fully identify themselves as proper 'up their own ******* arses, rupert cnuts' in some of his threads.
TBH I thought he had gone of his own accord. Although he did like to spout off a lot, I can't imagine him saying anything that would get him banned.

What's the story?
Liked him and hope he comes back
What if he is already back under another guise? ;)
I think he just argued with himself until he disappeared in a puff of logic leaving a laptop with worn keys & a pile of ucompleted One Day's Pay Scheme forms :wink:

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