Stacker - AWOL?

What has happened to Stacker?

He's not be on here for a few weeks spouting his vitriolic, biggoted, shite...the events of this week would have been xmas coming early for him?

As much as he was normally wrong, you could always rely on him starting an argument with himself and livening the place up...

anybody any ideas?



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he set off on his pft a few weeks back now. by my reckoning he should have turned back for the return leg on thursday.
I heard that he is sorting out the whole of the SDSR and extraction from Germany and redundancies with Outstanding.

I mean - FFS Outstanding - why keep posting leading questions on the threads when it's blatantly obvious you know the fucking answers but just want to "drip drip" the info? Just get on with it you dick.


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Stock check?
Those socks aren't gonna count themselves


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The RLC Fitness Mafia have finally managed to silence him and his one man crusade to turn the RLC into the fattest Corps in the Army?
fixed that for you - de nada
He's helping the police with their enquiries into 'hate crime'.

Every single incident, actually.
He was last seen trying to get a Concept rowing machine out of Debenhams in Clapham, I hear.
Perhaps he's practicing at being the grey man, no White man, no black man, no White man, no black man, no White man, no black man, no White man
He was arguing the toss and forgot he wasn't on Arrse.

He's presently in three different hospitals.


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he is a kind of cross between vicky pollard and Mr T - I think

'yea but no but yea but no but - cut your jibber jabber!'
Why the fuck do people want to tempt fate.... be thankful for the peace and quiet.


you just know he is up to something, creeping round the store, sniffing his 1033s, stroking his shelving, tossing SURs into the shredder, walking the store (running would be a misnomer), dynatape and dyna gun in his quick draw holster, polishing his stable bet, salivating at the sally ann van with bacon butties,

he is up to something,

something bad

something heinous

something probably he shouldnt be doing,

probably high on OX8 and tippex.

now im scared.

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