Stabtiffy and the Fun Police

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Good CO, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I have the unpleasant job of stepping in as the fun police.

    I have no objection to stabtiffy taking a pasting, but can't accept it with photos alongside which would leave somone who knows him in no doubt about who you're talking about. No 'outing' and assaulting on ARRSE please.

    I've deleted the very obvious photos from the 3 December thread and done a bit of extra photoshopping on the ones in the gallery.

    On a better note, I'm glad you had a good night and thanks for some great photos.
  2. He was a tuppence. We wedgied him. He deserved it.

    Can you photoshop my huge chin out please Dad?
  3. Looks like I missed something.

    Oh well, cheers boss.
  4. You going to Cardiff ST ?
  5. Cardiff is to far away. Plus the date is a wee bit too close to a major life changing event (more blogging people).

    Although gawping at trolly would probably make it worth it. :D
  6. J_D

    J_D LE

    I wonder what the soon to be Mrs would think of your behaviour towards certain Arrse Maidens!

    Good luck with the wedding and also future Arrse p1ss ups!
  7. some poor woman is daft enough to wed stabwanker???????????????????????????
  8. Ah young love. I set the scene they met at milk time and by afternoon nap they had declared their love for each other. Now 5 maybe 6 years later Stabwanker got down on 1 knee with his elizabeth duke ring. The girl was so excited she spat her white lightning all over the place and it was the talk of the park for atleast a week till kyle showed up in a 2nd hand saxo. Imagine the embarrasment of getting married and not being able to drink at your own wedding. Hey Stabwanker is the good missus going to move into your mums with you then? Will there be jelly and Ice Cream at the reception?
  9. The irony of it is that everyone (at his work) thinks She corrupted Stabwanker, when those who know him, know the real truth.
  10. What that he's a Throbber?
  11. I keep hearing that said about you but i don't post on here about it

  12. You're funny, fat man. About as funny as Syphilis.

    Elizabeth Duke Ring? I think not. I brought it in Tiffany's, New York.

    Mums house? Hardly. I own my own house.

    Ice cream and Jelly at the reception? Not sure yet. I might give you a call for advise. You seem to be a connoisseur of food.

    I know that this probably sounds odd, to you, as the closest relationship you've ever had was with the microwave that you heat your pies in.

    When was the last time you got laid, bull? Probably, the last time that you saw your feet.

  13. Bully, I think you got a bite there!! :lol: :lol:
  14. Bless him did i touch a raw nerve. It must be hard planning all this while going through puberty. Must be a lot of pressure for a 12 year old. :lol: :lol:

    Somebodies got brave now he's back behind his PC
  15. yes why do you do that bully :wink:
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Not open for further replies.