STABs/scabs- Anyone here encountered this attitude?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Over on a Danish forum that I also frequent there has been a bit of discussion on the use of part-timers (like me!) on ops. Many of the full-time soldiers on the forum seem to be of the opinion that we are stealing their jobs/cheating them out of easy tours.

    I was quite surprised to meet this attitude, as I hadn't thought about it being anything other than helpful.

    I know that the ARRSE readership comes from far and wide both in the UK and abroad, and was wondering if anyone elsewhere had met similar attitudes?

  2. What attitude is that then Reg's hate TA? Nope NEVER!:)
  3. Do Danes have reserves ?
  4. Mmmm all new to me
  5. Yes, .....ish.

    Hjemmeværnet - forside

    They're only really starting using them on ops now though. Apart from the SF trained bodyguards who deployed to Iraq (and presumably also Afghanistan), there have only been force protection platoons from the Home Guard in Afghanistan since 2008 and in Kosovo from next month.
  6. In every walk of life you get folk with bad attuides with stuff like reg/reg, servive/service, part/full time but i have never encountered a regular soldierthat thinks we are stealing their jobs. Bearing in mind there never seems to be enough soldiers to go around at every level on tours the one of the very few times when the TA and regular Army have to intergrate.
  7. I've never heard it overtly said, though in my capbadge I am sure that there are some who feel (possibly justifiably) pissed off that some of the more desireable courses are easier to get loaded on as a reservist. In my experience STAB's are taken on individual merit, and I am constantly suprised by quite how little animosity I meet from my reg brethren.

    edited to add: In the case of the Danes though it's not suprising that they may be a little more tetchy given that we have a lot more jobs to go round. I suspect that we would be hearing similar gripes if a battlegroup + deployment was being partly staffed with reservists.
  8. If I may offer my opinion (from a regular point of view): I have not come across this sort of attitude, except in one individual case when a TA officer was pulled in to fill a "cushy" staff appointment meaning that the regular officer who had wanted to fill it had to go to a more crunchy and harder working post. I would suggest that this is extremely rare and probably more accurately reflects a touch of laziness in an otherwise capable regular officer.

    As alluded to above, I think the main reason that there isn't a feeling of the TA taking regular jobs is that TA officers and seniors are normally employed in posts which may require less military experience and are not seen as desirable by their regular army counterparts. Meanwhile TA soldiers tend to be employed as IRs (i.e. bods in a rifle platoon for instance) and are therefore seen as filling a gap rather than taking a command appointment away from a regular soldier. This is likely to remain the case as there is no shortage of regular officers to command regular companies or platoons and likewise little chance that a TA captain will 'usurp' a regular one to become SO3 G3 Ops in a Bde HQ.

    The only place this could become a problem is with Op TOSCA. As this is seen as a cushy tour in the Med which yields a gong. However with the current operational tempo most regular soldiers want to spend the maximum amount of time at home, however cushy the alternative is, so are likely to be grateful if anything that someone else is doing it instead (in some cases the soldier would be delighted to go off to the Med for a few months but wify has other ideas!)
  9. Like that view bc.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Spoke to an old regular about T.A. covering Tosca
    He said the T.A. were welcome to it as it was efectively 6 months of stagging on
    He was hoping it would become a perminent fixture on the T.A. calender and they wouldn't get it back
    Better 1 volunteer than 10 pressed men and all that
  11. No - never discovered them.
  12. We had a coy strength TA attached to us on Telic 2 and tbh had no problems, however what might be said overtly or covertly or on web forums is another matter,

    The type of issues been mentioned happens in many employee environments and the Armed Forces not exempt, what with job cuts & uncertainty of future then these situations will arise unfortunately...
  13. What's the site? I can speak Norwegian so I can probably get the basic jist of the conversation.
  14. It's Taktisk Forum but you'll have to register in order to read anything.
  15. I tend to agree, I had also gathered that it is (or certainly was) a lot of staging on. However as it is funded by someone else (the UN) and in Cyprus, it is one area where adventure training is unlikely to be curtailed so making the stagging on worth it.

    I heard recently that due to the TA taking on TOSCA the regular CO of a TA Bn got an operational tour as CO when, had he been selected to command a regular Bn in the same regiment he would not have deployed it on any operation.