STABs - Really?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Shandy123, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. OK - following on from my comments on this thread, does anyone else find the 'STABs' acronym a bit old, boring and (probably unintentionally) ironic?

    I base this on the commonly-quoted-to-the-TA paradigm that 'the average TA soldier is educated to a higher standard that the average Regular soldier'.

    I don't know if this assertion is true, or if it was manufactured to make us TA types feel better about our unavoidably lower level of army training, BUT - if it is true, then surely the 'Stupid' element of STAB needs to be replaced with something else?
    'Studious', perhaps :)

    (I'm not arguing about the 'Bastards' bit, before all you braindead ARAB mongs wade in)

    Give me a minute to get the popcorn from the microwave...
  2. Stab Mong Cunts Perchance?
  3. Stupid, Shit, Sub-Standard, Sub-Human. Who gives a fuck. You're all wank.
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  4. Nuke it now, for the love of God.
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  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Iknow you thin the T.A. is full of rocket scientists and brain surgeons but they do have thick blokes as well you know.
    My favorite was we thick jock mcstupid who couldn't remember if he'd cocked hiss rifle so pulled the trigger and let of a nice burst opf blank (luckily) into the back of the spartan.
    Get over it and call them ARABS.

    You remind me of my mate on tour:
    "Fucking three bar talked to me like I was some bastard trooper"
    "Errrr you are a trooper"
    "Yeah I know BUT I'm a manager in civvy street"
    "Hello Mcfly counts for fuck all out here"
  6. Having been a Regular and a STAB I dont get too offended but you can always reply with "ARAB" as in Arrogant Regular Army Bastard- or is that being overly rude to Arabs by comparing them.

    But really, whether you are STAB or ARAB you are all MHCs in my book- Mong Hat Cunts!
  7. Personally I like S.W.A.T - Some Weekends and Tuesdays
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer


    Two weekends and Tuesdays.

    Almost got that on a tee shirt but head stab had a flip and chief Arab wouldn't have it either
  9. Who gives a flying feck, just get on with it, life's too short.
  10. You could have said The War Against Terror?
  11. ARAB?
    Anal Retentive Arsewhole Bore
  12. Or The War Against Training.......if it's raining........or the footies on..........or there's phys involved..........but not if there's ale involved.
  13. How about TWAT, Turning-up When Am Told (or TWATIPUSS, TWAT If Personal "Unique" Situation Suitable).
  14. With a fuck-off lump sum, full pension and a load of shiny gongs. You gipping cunts.
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  15. I think STAB is just right, it's not too long and rolls off the tongue. Oh, and for the purposes of this thread you're all shit cunts and the London Regiment should not be allowed to carry out GPMG WHTs or go on tour.