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Can anyone tell me if theres a name for the variant of a stabo rig where the the four guys on it hang vertically rather than in a bunch at the bottom?


Its a wicked new sex toy, actually its not, its a way of hanging guys off of a rope from a helicopter.


You posted in the Naafi bar so I assume you don't want a straight answer, so you can choose your favorite from the following...........

1. Get out more!!

2. Try ringing hardware stores in Hereford!!

3. Last time I hung anyone off my helicopter they burn't down the Iranian embassy and the budget holder said we wern't allowed to do it again.

4. Do you own your own helicopter?

5. What the HELL are you talking about??


I did want a serious answer I just didn't know where to post it.  I'm interested to know as if that rope breaks its a friend of mine who has to go and cut them out.


Err sounds very sad but we're interested to know things like if the bloke at the bottom breaks his leg on impact, how critical is it to extricate the upper 3 before treating the broken guy etc.


just shoot the helicopter down, allow it to land on all the men, then problem solved!


I think you may mean the SPY rig (could be Spy - dunno if it is a description or an acronym).

That definitely can have people on it hanging one above the other and I think it replaced the STABO rig (which went out of fashion during the Vietnam era?).

Despite showing this lamentable nerdishness, I would like to concur with my right honourable friend (well Vermin actually) that you do probably need to get out more! ;)
That is just toooooooooooooo anoraky a question.

Blimmin hell Shad, you'll be asking how we personally customise and prepare our weapons on exercise next.

I like to wipe the entire thing clean, take the mags apart lightly oil them inside, and do the springs as well.
If i have time, I'll wipe every round, before I bomb up.

Working parts get cleaned of oil, but gas parts get a liberal dousing, for that "HMS Victory Broadside effect"

Personally I bomb up with 25 rounds, which keeps the springs efficient, and if I could get one of those clips that enables you to have 2 mags on, for FIBUA, I'd get one.Nothing more embarrasing then getting caught short with 3 of the other team advancing on you, with malice aforethought.

The final touch, is to move the selector lever , from the "Waltz" to the "Rock and Roll" position.

Of couse, others of my acquaintance prefer to throw the entire shebang in a bin-liner for the duration, and regard it as a nause, if round one has to travel up the barrel.........

Right, anyone else got summat train-spottery to say  ;D
...........lager!!!.........that's what you need son!......and plenty of it.........with some freinds..........tour several pubs....get yourself a ruby.........down a club........get blown out by several good looking chicks....before striking it rich with that page 3 stunna (the hairy one who's put on  a few pounds since you last saw her at school.........), grab a kebab (with both chili and garlic sauce) on the way home...40 Bensons and half a dozen bottles of White Lightening from the 'Offie'...back to your gaff .......Bobs your uncle and Fannie's your aunt!............I think that you need to get out a bit more!  

Before all of you lot with the 'Rambo' style pen names start whining, this post is not a dig at the TA nor should any of you construe it as such.................I'm just a bit bemused by the question which started this thread............ ;D  Is this allowed?
Oh God help me..........

Outstanding post Ma        ;D

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