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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Listening to the BBC election programme on the net.

    Based upon the exit poll, New Labour stooge after stooge telling us that we need stable government. BIG hints at a pact with the LibDems to keep a Conservative minority out of power.

    But NOBODY seems to have twigged that New Labour and LibDem together DON'T make a majority either.

    How will it be a stable government if they need a coalition between LibDem AND others too????

    Come on BBC. Wake up and ask Mandleson how 314 brings stability.
  2. SNP & Plaid? Not exactly stable though.
  3. Yep I saw that once the exit poll was announced, a coalition Lib/Lab will still leave a minority government, and gluing together the difference by going to Plaid, Sinn Fein (who never put MP's into the house) or the Unionist vote is going to lead to a fall of government in short time.

    Hopefully the exit poll is only an inaccurate token, it doesnt take into account postal voting, nor the people like myself who will never reveal how we voted when we leave the polling station.

    They are talking of a higher turnout than 2005, and high turnouts are normally not good news for Labour.
  4. And the people like me who lie through our teeth for the sole purpose of fuccking up the opinion polls, thus giving false hope to the enemy, making their downfall all the more sweet...
  5. 'Stable government' is what you get a well run riding school.

    We require STRONG government and that will not happen with the Limp / Dims being involved.
  6. That **** Brown will pull every trick to stay in :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  7. I guess that mr.Brown as an experienced old political Fox is in a more preferable position.

    A stable government is impossible without LibDems support. They badly need an electoral reform that is a suicide for the Tories and something partly acceptable for the Labour.

    Also, I believe mr.Brown could propose more places in a government to LibDems.
  8. You must be joking...
  9. I'm fond of joking and our life is a joke... at least sometimes.

    However a sober analysis shows that mr.Brown has more to propose to the LibDems.

    It is quite possible that mr.Brown will remain a PM and mr.Clegg will be a Foreign Secretary (poor Davie boy Miliband).
  10. Rupert Murdoch has already given Cameron a private jet as a present so for this round he will be the circus favourite.
  11. I fancy, how ordinary Britons would estimate it. It is an apparent indication of a quite obvious fact that the Conservatives represent the rich and are being supported by super rich.

    Suppose that mr.Cameron would became a PM. Would he act against the interests of mr.Murdoch? (and other thieves as well?)
  12. Of course not. You can't fcuk with the ring-masters, not when they put you there.
  13. Of course he wouldn't, any more than either of the other 2 would.

    Don't make the mistake of imagining that NuLab are anything to do with the actual Labour party, they have more in common with Enoch Powell than Ramsay Macdonald!
  14. It is not Polish by any chance is it? Check Murdoch hasn't tied any banners to the tail!
  15. Since a lot of the horses have bolted I can't see it ever being stable as it stands.
    Good to see Jackie Smith getting her just rewards last night though. I did a bit of sex wee when I saw her lickle speech... :twisted: