Stable doors, and bolted horses

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cold_Collation, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

  2. Immigration has always been a hot topic, shame no one wants to do anything about it. And if people think it would end the countries employment issues, they are mistaken. The work shy will still be work shy and refuse to work at minimum wage when the social pays more.....
  3. But they are his own views,aren't they? He's not a spokesman for the Labour Party.
  4. Written by Mary Riddell, the Daily Telegraph's own resident turd polisher when it comes to anything about Miliband. Her contributions to the DT are total crap.
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  5. Came back to blighty after nine months away to find half my street is now from umbongobongo land yet carn't get a decent curry or chinese in my city. Cops are not arsed with catching car tax/ no licence dodgers because they would fill the cells in five minutes with false identaties.
    Used to think immigration was a good thing and it was to an extent. Diversity enriched our culture, sadly now we are swamped.
  6. I feel your pain. Bloody Emmets.
  7. Lets just take Australia as an nice little example....
  8. Yep. The Aborigines must be snapping with all the immigrants in their country.
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  9. We did, in adopting a similar 'Points-based System' to theirs. In true Blighty fashion, it did little or nothing to tackle the main problems of immigration (because they were always about visa compliance rather than visa issue) but instead it made UK immigration an expensive bawsache to the sort of people we were actually trying to attract.
  10. 'Tis because our Social Security system is so generous, easy to defraud and easy to bamboozle the DWP staff. Our Judiciary is a joke due to the EHCR's "Umin Rites Act". Our political masters (politiicans) are a bunch of brain dead, spineless, yellow bellied cowards who have sold their political souls to Eurine Land's Marxists Muppets.

    Blighty, after 13 years of Labour miss rule is.... Good Grief, it's only Monday, and I'm getting wound up enough to get the Outrage Bus out of the LAD even when the wheels have come off...

    Oh well, must be time for a nice mug of coffee and some Hob Nobs.....

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  11. I expect a lot of the issue comes from EULand - imagione if Australia HAD to take any one from the Commonwealth, and could only points-assess anyone else. The UK HAS to take people from the EU, and has only recently tried to stem the non-EU people
  12. Except that only one third of immigration into the UK is from EU countries.

  13. The UK's managed to make a pig's ear of that while managing to introduce a system which actively discourages worthwhile non-EU immigrants from bothering at all and makes it more difficult and expensive for sponsors to bring in the legit ones.
  14. For any Journos out there who trawl the ARRSE forums for stories real or imagined. Yes, our Home Grown Sixth Form Geeks (Muppets/Politicians) who run this country (UK), are a bunch of spineless yellow bellied cowards (a tad strong perhaps? - alleged of course) who have sold their Political Souls to the Marxist led Euro Socialist Soviets of EU-rine Land.

    Now I read in the "Daily Armageddon" (Daily Express), that Baroness Thingumyjig, the High Pooh Bah of EU-rine Land wants to eventually take over the UKs Coastguards and Military to subsume it into the EU Armies that we are told will "Never Happen" into the "NewSoviets of European States" that we have been also told that "Will never occur??"

    Do they take us all for fools, apparently yes...... well for those who are readers of the 'Sun' and 'Sunday Sport's, and 'Daily Mirror' and...... well, hmmmm?

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