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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Emkay, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering what the situation is with stable belts, my TA unit doesn't seem to wear them but they are available in our regimental shop. I recently went to an event where there were soldiers with the same cap badge some of whom were sporting stable belts.

    People I have spoken to say they are not part of issue kit and it is the soldier's individual choice if they decide to buy one.

    I think the stable belt looks very smart and would like to wear one, is this a choice that soldiers can make themselves or should I be asking my CSM / RSM about it?
  3. RMP dont wear stable belts with working dress, in fact in 9 years as a regular I can probably count the amount of times I wore a stable belt on one hand. On duty if you aint in black belt kit you wore the issue white belt. I would say the only people who wore the stable belt were the UIE who nowadays probably wear combats anyway.

    In other words, dont buy one and save your money.
  4. When I was TA I never wore one, always in combats.

    Reg, in UK coy duty order included the white belt. Germany, 1 Regt certainly, stable belt with duty order.

    Agree with M2G, if you're TA then it's prob a waste of money - unless you want a comfortable belt to go under your jkt on exercise and fancy splashing out.
  5. Thanks for the response, I was just curious as to what the rules were since there were one or two RMP swanning round TA SAAM at Bisley last week with stable belts on.
  6. Well if they were in CS95 they shouldnt have been. TA making it up as they go along eh?
  7. 114 Pro coy wear the them if your on duty and Desk NCO / Ord Sgt, only way round it is to wear belt kit.
  8. Is that an RMP thing? The rest of the Army wear them in working dress, certainly the signals do and in the Int Corps we're ordered to buy them!
  9. Must be, we got ordered to buy them in depot years ago but they are only ever worn on barrack dress.
  10. I am talking about the red stable belt, and the guys who were wearing it were regs.

    Are we confusing it with the white one?
  11. We always wore stable belts when in shirt sleeve order,seem to remember we had to buy it from PRI,still got mine 40+ years down the line.Yes,I know,sad git.

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  12. Why would I confuse it with a white one? Thats a new one on me then if the regs are wearing them now, the red ones were back in when I was still serving and we didnt wear them and that was at the depot.
  13. Last I heard both the COs of 4 & 5 RMP said not to wear the new "old" stable belt.
    Top tip: if the CSM isn't wearing one, neither do you!
  14. Is this the one pictured on the RMP shop webiste?
  15. The OLD stable belt is the AGC pattern (scarlet with a blue band in the middle).

    The shop are selling the new one.

    We've got the red one back now and it is only worn in Barrack Dress, never on CS95 (unless your the QM of WDSU!)