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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Grumpypickle, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Grumpypickle

    Grumpypickle Old-Salt

    My Unit is telling me they are having trouble getting hold of stable belts

    - I have contacted a friend in another regiment who wears the same belt they only have bigs ones - does anyone have anysuggestions where I can get stable belts from ?
  2. CC_TA

    CC_TA LE

    What unit?
    What size?

    Are they issuing them or are you gonna have to pay?

  3. FAB_Tel

    FAB_Tel Clanker

    It's been a while but IIRC Ammo and Company used to be good for stuff like this. Don't seem to have a website and i have misplaced the catalogue.

    Search on Google gives Tel. No. as 0121 772 2999

    Hope that helps
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Don't wear one then.
  5. Yes!!!! :oops:
  6. Grumpypickle

    Grumpypickle Old-Salt

    thanks for that FAB! I'l give them a call!

    I'm after a small one - plus two other girls are also after small ones!

    We have to pay for them!

    Don't wear one ? I'm the only person who doesn't have one - If its a uniform we should all be the same!
  7. GwaiLo

    GwaiLo Crow

  8. miss_A

    miss_A Swinger

    You can generally purchase them from your Phase 2 Trade training establishment, ie, Worthydown you can pick up AGC belts, and at Keogh you can pick up RAMC belts. Do a search for your Corps PRI shop on interweb and see what comes up, most either have mail order or just give them a buzz. Think they normally cost around the £12 mark.
  9. GwaiLo

    GwaiLo Crow

    Yep, and rememeber that if you buy through your Corps/Regimental shop the money goes to a good cause instead of lining some civvies pockets.
  10. b_flat

    b_flat Old-Salt



    Don't you just love quotes out of context... :D

    Best Regards,


    Looks like my lucks finally in...
  11. £35?! **** ME!
  12. bobath

    bobath LE

    I'm sure you can find enough small ones here, if there are three of you looking, even better.
  13. It may be worth checking out ebay too. A colleague of mine got one off there 2nd hand but like new for £6.