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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ben0239, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. Why is it that Artillery cadets wear stable belts but TA gunners do not??
  2. Think it depends on each regment as we dont wear them in 39 but did when i was in 3rd
  3. Firstly are the RA Cadets wearing RA stable belts and are they all wearing them ? I ask as our local unit has a policy that on;ly (cadet) NCOs can wear a stable belt and the belt they wear is not the RA one but the ACF one which could be mistaken (if you are half cut, squniting and its dark)

    Secondly as mentioned before, not all Regular RA units wear stable belts, its a regimental thing, over two thirds of my reg time we wore those god awful green plastic things, stable belts were only worn in barrack dress. So if you wna tt wear one then its something to take up with the CO next time hes up. There is no regulation that states the TA can't wear them.

    Thirdly, Stable Belts are a self purchase item and thus a pain to enforce within the TA, ths very subject once came up in the bar from an ex cadet, I mentioned to him that its hard enough getting lads to wear the kit their issued let alone something they have to buy. Further more its worth remembering that the TA has a habit of changing at the drop of a hat and this week we could be RA, next week RLC, Infantry or (shudder) even a wedgey. When I pointed this fact out one of the lads smiled, nodded and them said that he had worn 5 capbadges in his TA career. imagine buying 5 stable belts to match.

    I have a RA belt in my draw and am itching to wear it, however i doubt that will happen. Anyway I'm on an misson to get Battery Stable Belts adopted :twisted:
  4. Wellyhead

    I'm with you, bring back the Battery Stable Belts, they were a source of pride in individual batteries.

    I note that G (Mercers) are once again wearing their old battery stable belts.

    Also, Cadet wise, 97 Cadet Battery at Woolwich, were wearing RA stable belts at the recent Farewell to Woolwich, well, most of them were, there were one or two with the green belt.

  5. 97 Cdt Bty are in Woolwich ???? When did that happen ? When I was in 97 we were in Hollyhedge House

    Ex 84/97/99 Bty 1981-84
  6. Wellyhead

    You are perfectly correct, old age is racing on, I'm not quite sure why I thought they were 97 Cadet Bty, I know they are a 90's Bty.

    My mistake, but they comment about the stable belts was correct.
  7. Bty stable belts are supposed not to be worn according to dress regs amended by a CRA or DRA in the not to distant past (or that is what I have been told). My Bty has a Bty stable belt but is not allowed to wear has been asked of 2 COs in the Regt and both refused us (but current one will allow on exercise/away from camp). There is an evil rumour that if we can find a reg notifying us of the official right to have a Bty stable belt (rather than the suspicion that they are in the BKs stock cupboard left over from the 70s/80s when apparently they were the norm) then we might get to wear them...

    As for Regimental belts, 1 & 3RHA wear RHA stable belt (differently though), 4 Regt wear their own belt (a loose interpretation of RA belt), I think we used to wear RA belt at 14 Regt, but not at 19 Regt. Is it not COs/RSMs preference? But no Bty belts is the norm I think. If cadets wear an RA belt, maybe that is to reinforce the link to their "twinned" unit - give pride etc. As for TA, maybe their CO chooses not to allow it.
  8. Welly & OP_ACK

    97 Cadet Battery is in Woolwich and will stay in Woolwich. They do wear stable belts.

    They are marking their 30th Aniversary this year in July on parents day by re-naming the Battery

    97 (Woolwich 1716) Cadet Battery, which is part of

    9 (London Artillery) Regiment ACF, 97 Battery is one of the 3 remaining RA cadet units in South East London, slowly but surely the RA units have re-badged over the last 40 years or so.
  9. Hi fatoldgunner

    How goes things?

    When did 97 Cadet Bty adopt the 1716 part of their title?

    Incidentally, the boys and girls did a brilliant job at the Ceasefire, congrats all round.
  10. Ack

    We will be re-naming in July on parent's day, as is always the case the RAA will be represented by "Sir Paddy", so if you want to come along I will arrange an invite for the South London Chairman, and of course your family.

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  11. fatoldgunner

    I would very much appreciate an invitation.


  12. FOG

    I have just replied to your PM but thought I would mention here that I think I cocked up. I think I was in 98 Bty not 97 which was up at Blackheath. In 1981 we were known as 84 Cdt Bty but reformed as 98 when 8 Group (as it was known) disbanded, explains why there is no 8 Regt in SE District

    My memory is not what it was and I am sure someone will point out that I am wrong and it was a different Bty up as Blackheath.
  13. When 4th changed to its current stable belt they issued everyone a free belt as we all had the normal RA stable belts !!!!!! dont need mine anymore might put it on ebay!!!!
  14. I was in 99 Battery in Hither Green 1982-1987 when it was still Royal Artillery, bet it was a better unit then.
  15. not just G Para Bty wearing bty belts, the other 2 gun Bty's I Para bty and F Para Bty also wear bty belts H bty wear RHA stable belt