Stable Belts

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by gorilla, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Now that the old stable belts have been re-introduced, can anybody tell why we cannot wear them with CS95?
  2. Because Dress Reg's says we can't!

    In fairness I am with you on this - Red (Scarlet) Stable Belt is the way forwards and wearing it with CS 95 woudl look damn fine. Most other Arms and Services wear their Regimental Stable Belts with theirs and at a time when we are managing to get back our Regimental Identity as others as losing theirs it seems foolish not to make the most of our position.

    In a similar vein - should we not go back to 'ye olde' RMP lanyard.
  3. Why not go the whole hog and go back to Sd Cap with red top and as f--k, if the creases were right.
  4. Why not crack out the brass cap badges and brass buttons on starched No2 Dress tunics as well!!! 8O
  5. Cos the old and bold don't want to buy yet another belt, only to live in the bottom draw along with the name tapes, OG MP Badges and other assorted junk everyone has been told are 'Must have uniform item'
  6. I'm just glad I've left that all behind. It only seems like yesterday I transferred to CivDiv checking the calender, in a fortnight it's 14 years!!!
    Fcuk knows where the time has gone 8O
  7. The RMP lanyard, pre-1950 was the same one as the AGC wear now. This is the only thing that identifies us with the AGC, but the last laugh is on us!
  8. Totally agree, think it would look a lot better with CS95 in Bks than the plastic/webbing green belts. Still you will get your "if its not issued, them i'm not wearing it" knobs
  9. I was down at DPC yesterday and lo! and behold the RMP Permanent Staff were mincing about in CS95 with Stable Belts. But not the scarlet RMP one, not even the AGC one, it was the fcuking MOD Joint Service one! The dark blue-light blue-red one with the MOD badge in the centre of the buckle.

    So much for rebranding and promoting Corps individuality. Is this the hidden agenda of Upavon revealed?


    PS. I would be very proud and willing to pay to wear a scarlet RMP Stable Belt with my CS95, it looks smart and is distinctive. But I am not prepared to pay for something that I will never wear, ie. a Stable Belt with Barrack Dress. I believe these sentiments are representative of the majority of the Corps. I know that this is the Army and not a democracy but I believe that the CoC have misjudged this one and what I saw at Southpark yesterday added insult to injury.
  10. MOD Joint Service one? Thats just ridiculous... Why bother bringing the belt back if the home of the Corp isn't going to wear it?
  11. They only wear it at DPC because its Tri Service and that is the dres regs for the site, all the PS will wear the tri service however if you own unit dress regs say you wear your scarlet RMP one normally if you visit you wear your normal uniform.
  12. I add my support for RMP to be allowed to wear the red stable belt in CS95 :)
  13. What is all this Corps identity rubbish? This is something dragged up by those who are either old in the tooth or have left. As well as returning to the old stable belt, why don't we bring back the mounted troop etc and fight some third world country wearing red tunics!

    Its called progress and most of those currently serving with the AGC (RMP) were never part of the 'Corps' as you all fondly remember it!
  14. Yeah I suppose there is some merit in your thoughts there TOH, but to be fair I know of few RMP who feel any real affinity to the AGC and feel much more strongly about being in the Royal Military Police. Maybe its not so bad a thing. Reverting to something that may work better is no shame.
  15. TH

    Don't be a dick all your life, the old and the bold (was 1992 that long ago?) were the only thing that stopped you wearing a Green AGC beret and badge with an MP flash! (Green Caps doesn't have the same ring to it :D )
    The AGC bit of the title is neither here nor there, just a nod at an umbrella organisation. Ask any serviceman who the AGC are and they will say Clerk. Ask who wears a Red Cap and they'll swear, give an opinion of your fatherhood, your relationship to the ape family and your solo sexual prowess. The AGC has always been just a place to park service support trades, hence the current need the AGC has to identify its 'Branch identity' with separate TRF's, Stable belts etc Adjutants General Corps? Adjutants General Collection more like!