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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ben0239, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Does your TA unit issue you with stable belts, our doesnt even though a lot of other TA RA units have them. Surely now we are one army the TA RA should look the same as reg RA.
  2. i've got 2 stable belts from 2 different cap badges & i've had to buy them both from the relevant PRI shops.
  3. You don't need stable belts on C95. You are issued a nice shiny green belt. If you choose to not wear what the army provides, you have to purchase it yourself.
    The only other time you should be wearing a stable belt is in barrack dress, but I'm sure you are not issued with that either....
  4. I've never been issued a stable belt. And the RA tend not to wear stablebelts anyway, unless wearing barrack dress (as mentioned by The Ego)
  5. we even had to buy our TRFs!
  6. Interesting; the number of Air Force types you see in CS95 DPM and a stable Belt. It looks really smart! I'm personally grateful that the RN doesn't have a SB.
  7. I dispute that my friend, well at least from a reg perpective, its was always a CO (read RSM) thing anyway. I've given up counting the number of times I have swapped belts with the changing of the CO/RSM (as well as Shoulder titles, stripes on shirts and qualification badges, wearing of)

    Personally I love a good stable belt, and theres nothing finer than a RA one :wink: and would love a return to the Battery Belt, yes even in C95

    I'm in the process of joining a TA RA unit and will wear my old uniform next week and I refuse to wear coveralls over civies, the only item I don't have is a new fangled belt, so I shall grace the TAC with a bit of dash and colour
  8. The RHA wear a different one from the "flatties" and they are both "regular artillery".

    I like battery stable belts, and yes, think they look good on CS95. NEVER wear them anywhere other than "in camp" I saw one or two in Iraq, and that's just wrong!
  9. Oh sorry I'll just pick myself up off the floor, haven't laughed that much in years
  10. Yes, but you will find that (quite often) 2 reg Regts won't look the same, in C95 there is more uniformity but there was a time of when almst each regt had its own "isms".

    For example, I started off life in 94 Regt were we wore cloth capbadges, no shoulder titles and plastic belts, whereas 14 regt, up the road, wore staybrite capbadges, plastic belts and titles. Some regts wore stable belts, whilst some regts had individual Battery stable belts , O Bty had a and kind of Tealish blue and yellow stripe affair IIRC and 7 Para RHA Bty belts had buckles (pegasus type) and usually had some maroon in it somewhere. I Think 16 regt had a strangle black gun on blue background cloth capbadge and I distincly remember seeing a red backing like the DERR/RGBW on one beret (infact I think 3 RHA used to have a red backing as well)

    Most of this got sacked in the early 90's by order of the DRA, I can understand why but its a bit of a shame as you had a real feeling of esprit de corps when wearing it.

    So theres your answer, i had a chat with a guy last tuesday about stable belts and put down the reasoning for a lack of a stable belt in the TA RA down to the fact you have to buy the things, in a reg regt you just stick it on orders and charge anyone who doesn't get one (when we went to stable belts from plastic we had to get chits for the garrison PRI as they had run out to prove we tried to buy one) int he TA its possbly a little harder to force this home where they could vote with their feet

  11. Your TRF is part of your uniform and must be worn, therefore it should be issued.
    You’d be well within your rights to tell anyone to poke it if they tried to get you to buy one, although it would probably be advisable to find a more polite way of saying it :D
  12. My Regt had a habit of swapping from 3 Div to 1 Arty Bde, in my time I only ever got two Div Triangles and one Rams Head patch, somehow we had to ensure the badge appeared on ALL our jackets. Strangley enough the Q staff never seem to have an issue with badges :roll:

    Also when I went to 1 Div, I only got one rhino there as well
  13. Well, we paid for ours (late 90's).

    As for cloth RA cap badges - isn't that an officer thing?
  14. Got issued 3 new TRF, which isn't enough and there aren't any more and finally got a free stable belt. Which is good cos I wasn't going to pay for one!
  15. Did'nt the AMF(L) Regt have a funny backing to their cap badges?