Stable belts

What's people view on stable belt use in Army CCF? Just trying to set some regulation as all the NCOs who can get their hand on it is wearing it
"L" plate walts?
All cadets and CFAVs can wear stable belts as per ACF and CCF dress regulations, with the approval of the contingent commander or ACF commandant.

There are no restrictions such as "NCO only" in the official dress regs.
Rule in our CCF (a lifetime ago, mind) was that you could wear the stable belt of your section once you'd passed some relevant test. E.g. us in the Royal Signals section had to have passed the Cadet Signals Classification Test. This made it something of a privilege, but not a randomly-awarded one. Still sounds like a good approach to me.

Other answer is of course "What does the corps/regiment to which the belt belongs think of the matter?"

Inevitably, as it's a self-purchased item, you'll get some with it and some without, which may upset those who like uniformity!

But I'm guessing you're not the contingent commander, and his/her decision is unlikely to be swayed by whatever any of us on here might say ;-)
If it makes any difference, it was the same at the School for regular soldiers. Pass your class 3, wear the belt. Other than that, it was belt, placcy Corlene.

A good way to get NIGs motivated to buy stable belts!
Our school bought a small number of stable belts and no one will bother buying their own, we could pretty much decide who wear a stabel belt


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if it fits wear it , I cant get one for my sylph like 44 inch waist .
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