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Discussion in 'RLC' started by wild_moose, Jul 12, 2011.

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  1. Since it appeared on orders that Stable Belts were no longer to be worn with CS95 I've seen a number of members continue to do so. Are there exceptions to the rule, e.g. in training establishments, or are these just 'getting away with it'?
  2. Actually, orders are only advisory and are not binding under military law.
  3. Is this a new order for all or just RLC specific, out of interest?
  4. Think it may depend on CO's discretion, well that's what members of a certain LSR tell me!
  5. Okay Corps dress regs state No stable belts, however this is dependant on individual CO and RSM fettishes. You may be part of a multiple cap badge environment and
    it is easier to spot rather than reliance on the TRF or part of the elite and the more RLC bling the better
  6. Cheers, I did think it was a Corps wide directive - didn't realise there were potential exceptions. (And I miss the bling :) )
  7. I dont miss the bling. Same way im hoping our Regt's powers-that-be decide to stop the stupid rule of Officers/WO's of our Regt having to wear Barrack Dress one day a week!
    Roll on the next few weeks and we get PCS. But then i suspect my joy will be short lived when we have to be tucked in and sleeves up.....contrary to DRLC direction!
  8. I think I am being thick, but how can Corps dress regs state one thing and CO's make their own rules up. Is this not going against Corps/DRLC directives. Personally I can't stand the Corps stable belt and would much prefer the good old green belt.
  9. sounds about right.

    instead of looking forward to PCS - you are already dreading wearing it tucked-in.

    sad but true.

    join the club.
  10. the CGS has now stated that stable belts are NOT to be worn with PCS as the jacket is to be worn loose (un-tucked).
  11. I'll see your CGS and raise you an RLC Colonel, they make the rules up...
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  12. Saw an RLC officer today at PJHQ in PCS, shirt/lightweight jacket tucked in, Corps stable belt on. A bit off- message?
  13. Off message? I think he/she is bang on, Officers are taught at Sandhurst to disobey Dress Regs at regular occasions during their career. It is how they judge the Robustness and leadership qualities of WOs & SNCOs. Pse grip him/her immediately with a polite and sarcastic remark reminding him/her of the Corps dress policy.

    If you choose not to grip them their lack of personal discipline will spread to other areas and before you know it, they will forget to meet your MS deadlines......
  14. He was wearing a C-IED badge, so I thought he deserved some slack.
  15. Even more reason to grip him! By C-IED do you not mean ATO?

    Or is he also cutting around wearing Th specific badges?