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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by tollernator, Jun 12, 2011.

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    whats the score for wearing of regimental stable belts. Does the buckle on the two leather strap stable belt ( not the metal stay beight buckle)
    goe to the left waist or does it go to the front like a normal belt as in my last reg we use to wear them to the left side but i am now hoping to join my local acf as a instructor. And they wear theres to the front.
    so please please could some one help me with where and what reg it comes under so there is no more dramas
  2. [nowah]

    It varies from unit to unit. I wore mine to the front in the Cav and the side as a Scaley.

    Check with someone who might know like the Adjutant or RSM.

  3. What CaptainPlume said. The Corps where it to the side, best to check with the other ACF instructors when you arrive or just copy everyone else (assuming they know what they're doing).


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  4. Wear it with the buckles to the front. You'll look dead hard.
  5. Just wear your plastic working belt, at least until you've worked out how your particular Unit wears it's stable belts.
    Also wear working belt if your Unit wears buckle to the side, therefore easier to drop trousers when taking a dump.
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  6. It is a Cap Badge thing as to how you wear it.

    We (RA) wear ours between the belt loops on our front left. It is ment to be highly polished as well, however can't remember the last time I seen one like that.
  7. the scarey thing is dont think most of them do....only one is ex army and he spanner monkey im the only ex reg infantry in the acf company
  8. Corps now wear belts with locket type buckles to the front as females apparently had issues with the straps on the side when it came to pee pee times. Only the old and bold in the Corps or those who bought them second hand have the old type.

    Infantry remained with the straps as no females.

    Or at least that is how it was explained to me.
  9. At least the person with the trade had a ready to hand opener, bottle, for the use of.
  10. Wear the buckle in the small of your back. Go on. Break with tradition. They'll respect you for it. Honest.
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  11. Sorry to put a damper on that but RA have straps and lots of Females
  12. Green Jackets used to wear the straps at the front, not the side. I'm assuming that the Rifles do the same?
  13. Foot Guards wear theirs to the front, the fact we're supposed to have them burned down and bulled might have something to do with it
  14. Correct, Rifles do.
  15. Anyone know how to do the tobacco tin mod?