Stable Belts

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by crazyeyes, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. Just seen elsewhere on the forum that Stable Belts have been binned by the RLC with a few guys saying it's not just the RLC but army wide.

    Anyone know if it's true and effects us?
  2. Don't bin it, just change change the buckle every few years. Next up, a metal one with the cap badge on - no, a leather strap - no, a metal one with the cap badge on........ anybody want to buy some old stable belts with various buckles on?
  3. just wear a green belt and you'll always be correctly dressed! Although around Chickers you'll look like a phase 2 though!
  4. Another thread on the Australians state that they are to revert to Slouch Hats in the future because of Health and Safety concerns wearing the Beret !

    For those of us who remember them - the good old Side Cap (in my case first REME then Corps) was quickly phased out from normal working dress, and whatever happened to the good old No 6 Dress Dark Green Barrack Trousers (not the Lightweights) - so much smarter if you had to wear a uniform and when they were first trialled I believe we were also going to get a Dark Green zipper blouse a la RAF style.

    Rumour has it the new Corps Stable belt will be similar to the REME one with a Twist to Fit Buckle !
  5. Is that why everyone has been sneering at me? Maybe if I dig out a '58 I'll command more respect!
  6. Surely the rank slide and Brigade flash would suggest otherwise.
  7. Not everyone wears the Bde flash and unless you're on a course there's only one sect and small HQ in Chix that wears the flash. Those dpm 1 tapes aren't easy to spot at my age!
  8. Them marching around camp, wearing bright white name badges makes the phase two's easy to spot to me
  9. I tend to see them from behind! Also, as I recall the twats try every trick in the book not to march anywhere, it's all part of the game!
  10. I heard that we're bringing in a new stable belt with a centyre fastening circular metal buckle!
  11. 'Tis true - most capbadges have been wearing the slouchie for some time - I failed to do my research and bought a couple of blue/black berets before transferring to the Aust Int Corps ('cos the Corps here doesn't wear Cypress Green) and got here to find that the money would have been better spent on beer. Until the recent announcement the only people wearing berets were the airborne (young folk - note correct spelling) roled RAR battalions, commando units, SASR, RAAC (armoured corps) and AAAC (AAC in Britspeak). Stable belts went out here quite a while ago. The slouchie thing has been a nightmare for me having worn a beret all my life for the first couple of months I had to keep touching the front of my hat (to feel for the capbadge) to make sure I had the thing on the right way around!