Stable Belts.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Run_Charlie!, May 28, 2005.

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  1. For the Army - Why do they exist, when the green belt blends in more? Are they worn in base only, or outside?

    Are they issued or do they need buying?

    From a RAF guy, blue suiter!
  2. Worn mine 3 times in 9 years , we still have to buy them .
  3. You could have had a green one, no good moaning now.
  4. Some of them aren't too bad. Light infantry have dark green ones. Our lot have a rather fetching tartan one.
  5. And typical Crab Air , delivered to the wrong grid

    never mind, the Army is here to put you right :D
  6. Mines black purple and yellow, oh the joys...
  7. Oh, and you have to buy them.
  8. mine is bright blue and hideous, only wear it for pictures, had to by it as well.
  9. Though they are covered by dress regs, there seems to be no hard & fast rules with these. I purchased a Sigs one - only to be told I couldn't wear the bloody thing, as 'it wasn't regimental policy - WOs only'. I wore the f***er anyway - along with shoulder titles - which also weren't policy within the regiment. The CO had a private army attitude, i.e. his boys weren't part of the rest of it. He was a nobber of the plimsoles in the large pack mentality.

    As far as the RAF is concerned, I (again) purchased mine from the NAAFI at Swinderby during basic, and wore it whenever it took my fancy. Personally I think they look smart for non-field wear. Green plastic belts look shyte.
  10. What Regt/Corp's that then? :roll:
  11. AGC?
  12. mine,which i still have is 3 colour stripes..from top....brown,red,green."through the mud and the blood to the green fields beyond"
  13. Your avatar is the other way 'round
  14. Shhhhh. There can be only one. 8O
  15. Nope - AGC is red and blue :p