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Stable Belts.

For the Army - Why do they exist, when the green belt blends in more? Are they worn in base only, or outside?

Are they issued or do they need buying?

From a RAF guy, blue suiter!
Though they are covered by dress regs, there seems to be no hard & fast rules with these. I purchased a Sigs one - only to be told I couldn't wear the bloody thing, as 'it wasn't regimental policy - WOs only'. I wore the f***er anyway - along with shoulder titles - which also weren't policy within the regiment. The CO had a private army attitude, i.e. his boys weren't part of the rest of it. He was a nobber of the plimsoles in the large pack mentality.

As far as the RAF is concerned, I (again) purchased mine from the NAAFI at Swinderby during basic, and wore it whenever it took my fancy. Personally I think they look smart for non-field wear. Green plastic belts look shyte.
tankie88 said:
mine,which i still have is 3 colour stripes..from top....brown,red,green."through the mud and the blood to the green fields beyond"

I'll assume that was a typo and not that you're a mong who doesn't know it's brown at the bottom then red then green at the top. If you are a mong then look at your avatar, which id the right way round, and just say what you see. ;) If you have any further problems just ask a member of the Cavalry to help you out hehe ;)

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