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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Something that has been bugging me for a short while, why is it that regiments (and indeed Corps) that have never had any connection with horses (riding, mucking out, interfering with) wear stable belts?
  2. Cos some toff somewhere thought "Mwah! that looks jolly dapper for my band of cnuts, lets order 2000 and make the men pay!"
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  3. In the RMP, we didn't wear the AGC stable belt after amalgamation, just a plain green one. Then the Provost Marshal decided to let the RMP have their old one back - which is plain red - but with a subtle change of colour for the leather which meant you couldn't wear the old one. He then ordered us to wear them - at our own expense, so you are not far wrong!

    Anyway, back to the original question, don't know, but at least we can claim to wear them under your rules...we started off as the Military Mounted Police
  4. Scaleys started off on 'orses
  5. Prior to WW2 I think every unit had associations with the 'orse. We even sold the older nags onto the Werhmacht.
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Not wholly true. There was the Military Foot Police in Egypt/Middle East.

    Doesn't explain why the Rifles/REME or AAC have one...
  7. See;

    Several pages of useful info.

    (In short WW1 trousers were held up with cotton braces, when soldiers were detailed off to do stable duties/boggy jobs, (nothing changes), the soldiers could not bend down due to the braces, the braces were left to hang loose, then the trousers fell down due to being high waisted, solution get the saddler to cut up a bit of old girth belt or similar attached a couple of buckshee buckles and side straps hence the stablebelt).

    If you require a leather stablebelt as per the WW1 pattern i.e. 4 inches wide, (I can make from 1" to 4" wide belts), doubled strapped, brass buckles etc, PM me.

    I also have some spare modern stablebelts replacment side straps and buckles for sale (a donation will be made to Hols4Hero's) again PM me.
  8. True but the MMP was formed in 1855 and the MFP in 1882 and this is about using horses...
  9. Because of the point made earlier, up until mechanisation, and probaly for quite a long time after, all Arms and Services had horses on their strength. In an infantry Battalion for example, the CO, 2i/c, Adjt, all Coy. Comds. and probably their 2i/c's, were mounted. The CQMS had a horse-drawn cart and the QM's dept was horse drawn as were the Signals Pl. and probalby the Pioneers too. I suspect the "Stable belt" being fabric rahter than leather, was more "horse-friendly" when on stable duties grooming and feeding the nags etc. I reckon that was where the tradition in many regiments and corps, of wearing the buckles at the side came from too, to avoid scraping against the horses flanks.
  10. The Officers had horses, the Toms cleaned up after them.
  11. Chaps had horses, Blokes didn't!
  12. Nothing wrong with my stable belt, had the same REME one for 22 years and it still can open a beer bottle top. Extremely worn down now but it does it job.
  13. Some of our lot don't let you wear them :?

    Nice to see you still knocking around Iron :D
  14. I still have my 2 original RCT stable belts and a few RLC ones however they all seem to have shrunk recently.

    Cheap shit.
  15. Stable Belts have leather buckles , Corps Belt have big shiny Buckle in front .
    meaning two types of belt . My belt is a Corps Belt im not Mounted , Question solved .
    Cant speak for the infantry mind you .