Discussion in 'REME' started by sirbobbymoore1966, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if it's Corps policy to wear this or not? Seem to remember somewhere that a previous DEME(A) had made it so to promote the Corps.
  2. REME Corps Instructions say that its down to the CO of the unit.
  3. Yup, well weird this one. In Tidworth the first line unit that I'm in promotes the wearing of the glorious belt. However the resident Bn is forbidden from doing so! Not really the best manner with which to advertise the pride we're supposed, (and I have loads), to have in our own Corps!
  4. at ATR(P) all permenant staff ( reme cap badged) regardless of role employed in ,wear the stable belt, and recruits wear it on passing drill test 1.

    wether that is laid down in policy or just current RSM fad as he is reme i do not know.
  5. It is hight time it was made policy to wear it.

  6. What we need to do is sew TRF's all the way around it, to go with all our other worthwhile badges!!!
  7. Wearing of Stable Belts is normally 'compulsory' at first line units. I can't think of a posting where I didn't wear one until now, a REME Bn surprise surprise. Having said that, wait until 5Bn re-roles and everyone will be expected to wear a neutral CSS Bn Stable Belt! :wink:
  8. Stable Belts cannot be compulsory, as they are not issued.

    With the advent of TRFs, there should be no need to wear them now anyway. I have worn them in the past and quite liked it, my current unit doesn't wear them, so we don't either. It is down to the CO at the end of the day, but he can't make you wear it:)
  9. makes a damn fine bottle opener...
  10. Feck, I'm in the wrong Army!

    In my 19.5 years I'm now at my FIRST unit at which I have to wear my stable belt!

    And as so rightly pointed out - it CANT be made compulsory - it's not an issued bit of kit.

    As for showing off our Corps - thats why we work so hard - our deeds speak much louder than any belt..................

  11. However if he makes you wear kit and you refuse -you get sacked (Jumpers at RDG Nige!! :wink: )
  12. Stable belts should be banned with desert combats, look at the latest Crafty mag guy in there with Assault vest and all the gear but with a day glow sable belt underneath. No wonder we get called chippy fcukers.
  13. Yeh but we all wear distant aiming marks any way in the form of the TRF!!!

  14. Can COs of units forse attached personnel to wear their Regimental Stable belt?

    EG....... If I was attached to the RRW could the CO force the LAD to wear the RRW Stable belt instead of the REME Stable belt?

    I personally think the old webbing belt ('58 Pat)looks the bogs dollucks and miles better than any stable belt!
  15. RH, no one can force you to wear uniform that is not issued. I personaly object to it but fall into line like most as it is not worth dying in a ditch over. Having said that I would dig my heels in over wearing another unit's rank slide, belt or capbadge.