Stable belt with JEANS! WTF!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gunnerfalkey, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Just passed a young man with a rather short haircut wearing his jeans with a tucked in para reg tshirt with an AGC stable belt!


    Is this ally? Whats with the AGC stable belt? How did he manage to get the belt to fit into the belt loops? (not that i've tried)

  2. Evidently delusions of grandeur.

    THe question is, is he a Para or a Clerk?
  3. That's f*ck all. I was driving through Catterick the other week when I saw a Squaddie wearing a suit and a baseball cap.
  4. It's called fashion old boy, and if you spent a little less time being squared away and a lot more time watching Big Brother and reading the latest celebrity scoop you'd know more about it.

    That said, if he had been keeping up with this summers fashion, the shirt should have been tied in a bow at nipple height to really bring out that outfit.

  5. Nope, in the street old bean. Union street in Aberdeen actually! 8O
  6. Deffo a walt, worse to fit in the belt must have been a chicks stable belt.
  7. Where do you buy jeans with belt loops of sufficient size to hold a stable belt?
  8. I knew some PTIs who went down town wearing their little red snake belts. (I had one when I was little. For keeping my trousers up not pulling chicks)
  9. W.

    Find it. Kill it. Stick it in a wheelie bin.

    Do it.
  10. no-one would blame you, you need all the help you can get. Although if you cant pull in berwick, you can't pull anywere.
  11. Driver Lineys wear their line belts all the time, some TeleMechs where them in civvies but they are not allowed to wear them in uniform.

    They are black leather (in the main) and have a brass buckle. There is a rank system with them, and the colours change as you move up the ranks-appoinments. But i´m buggered if I can tell you all the colours and what they mean.

    quite quaint when you think about it.

    PTI snake belts? Red belts? Worn by those who are largely narcistic in nature? Sounds like big timing to me....

    I´ll start wearing my anti-static strap as a bracelet!!!
  12. falkey, i'd rather see that walking down union street then the usual tinks in o/f shirts, not to mention all the scroungers in doorways....
  13. When I was little I didn't know about pulling chicks. Now that I do, I can't find the damn belt. (I would have to wear it as watch strap now though.)

    As for chicks in Berwick, you must not have been here since I last wore that belt!
  14. Quite.